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 SOG operatives
 SOG operatives
The Studies and Observation Group was a clandestine special operations group founded on January 24, 1964 as part of the Military Assistance Command - Vietnam (MACV). They conducted many operations before and during the Vietnam War. Their assignments included recon missions in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos; the rescue of POWs throughout South East Asia and the use of unconventional warfare tactics against hostile forces. The SOG was made up of men from all branches of the US military including Army Special Forces, Navy Seals, the Air Force, CIA and the Marines. One benefit SOG operators had was the ability to requesition any firearm or equipment even protype weaponry. Since they were not regular soldiers the group was not restricted to the geneva convention and SOG would wear uniform and clothing not associated with the U.S. miliitary. The unit was very active during the Vietnam conflict and operated in numerous missions including the Tet Offensive, Operation Steel Tiger, the Easter Offensive, Operation Lam Son 719, Tonkin Gulf incident (occurred before the Vietnam War), Operation Commando Hunt and the Cambodian Campaign. The Studies and Observations Group was officially disbanded on May 1, 1972 where it was replaced by the Strategic Technical Directorate Assistance Team 158.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

(*For story and plot involving the SOG, visit the Call of Duty: Black Ops page.) 
The Studies and Observation Group are featured prominently in the campaign as Alex Mason recalls past events. Frank Woods a SOG operative sports a tatoo of the SOG logo and have led to question why an elite soldier would have a tattoo identifying country and unit during a time of conflict. Viktor Reznov from Call of Duty: World at War returns and "assist" Alex Mason and the SOG on several missions in Vietnam.


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