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    Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 2012

    Super Amazing Wagon Adventure is a new take on the classic Oregon Trail adventure, instead putting players in control of the wagon in a side-scrolling (and dual-joystick) shooter.

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    Super Amazing Wagon Adventure is an action oriented, comedic riff on the classic video game series, The Oregon Trail. So much so that even the game's graphics and music are that of an Apple II, one of the platforms on which the original The Oregon Trail was released. In Super Amazing Wagon Adventure, the player takes upon an Oregon Trail-like adventure with three player created characters. Once the characters have been created, the player is to choose their trusty wagon (the game starts with only 1 wagon unlocked, but there is somewhere around 10 secret wagons that are unlocked just by playing the game). SAWA's first screen is the same each time the adventure begins, but the game's screens are randomized from there on, making the adventure different every time it is played.


    Traveling through space in the wagon.
    Traveling through space in the wagon.

    When starting the adventure, the player is to choose the name and pick the appearance of the three characters on the journey. Once that has been done, there is a plethora of different wagons to pick from to make the adventure in. Finally, the player can experience the Super Amazing Wagon Adventure. Most of Super Amazing Wagon Adventure is played like a two-dimensional shooter within the wagon, but there are screens in which one of the characters goes out on foot and the game then turns into a dual-joystick shooter. This gives the game a good mix of the two genres.

    In between each playable screen, a black screen with text upon it will be shown. This could tell the player that one of the characters has come down with a near-fatal flu which will take the characters health down to 1 heart (each character starts with 4 hearts and health pick-ups are randomly dropped). The screen could also just be telling the player about what the characters have come upon, like a river. These screens are where most of the comedic value of Super Amazing Wagon Adventure is. In one screen, the player can choose to ford a river or attempt to jump over said river. If the player chooses to ford the river, a black screen comes up with the text, "They made the (probably wise) decision to ford the river". Alternatively, if the player chooses to jump over the river, they could end up jumping so high, they end up in orbit above Earth.

    The player is never unarmed in Super Amazing Wagon Adventure, either. The starting weapon is a pistol with unlimited ammo, but the player can find weapon pick-ups that are randomly dropped with varying amounts of ammunition. These weapon pick-ups include the expected shotguns, snipers and bazookas, but some are ridiculously awesome like ray-guns, magic wands and ninja stars. The enemies fought in Super Amazing Wagon Adventure equally varies from normal to ridiculous. In one screen, the player could be shooting at deer and turkeys to collect for trading with a fur trader later on (which the player may or may not encounter because of the randomness factor). Maybe a few screens later, though, the player will be fighting off a horde of giant spiders or horseback riding bandits or even may be in a heated battle with a ginormous octopus that shoots projectiles out of its five tentacles.

    PC System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 2.0
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 65 MB available space

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