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    Super Stardust Delta

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Feb 08, 2012

    An adaptation of the PlayStation Network shooter on the PS Vita with the addition of touch screen controls.

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    Super Stardust Delta is a shooter for the Playstation Vita. It is developed by Housemarque and is part of the Stardust series. It was released on the 19th January in Japan and the 22nd February 2012 in North America and Europe. Delta also has global leaderboard capability enabled via the Playstation Network.


    The player controls a space fighter ship that can move in all directions on an orbit surrounding a planet using the Vita's dual analog sticks. It can fire in any direction and the objective is to remove the threat of asteroids and enemy spacecraft. It has numerous different weapons like smart bombs, a temporary shield and also a speed boost. The two projectile weapons are Fire and Ice that can be switched on-the-fly. These projectiles are effective against certain types of enemies. One can be affective against one type, but then almost useless against another type. Players must then quickly choose which weapon to use against which type of enemy. Weapons can be gradually enhanced over the course of the game by collecting tokens that are dropped from destroyed enemy ships and asteroids. Similar to previous Stardust games the ship is able to collect smart bombs and deploy them. There are various different effects of the bombs, such as, Black Holes, Missile Strikes or an EMP bomb. The Vita's touchscreen controls the following bombs; Missile Strike, rear touch will also allow the Black Hole to open and shaking the Vita will send out the EMP bomb. Another use of the Vita's features is that the view can be tilted in order to get a better view of the planet, with the ship's boost system featuring a Slow-Mo option that can lead to more precise aiming when boosting.

    Game Modes

    This game has more modes (Eleven in total) than other titles in the Stardust series, and each has it's own different scenarios and challenges. There are many different options available to the player such as difficulty selection of "Casual", "Normal" or "Hardcore", and a choice of whether or not to play with the configuration of "Delta" or "Pure" controls. "Pure" config. features button controls only, removing Black Holes, Missile Strike and the Slow-Mo boost, whilst "Delta" config. features all the extras, touchscreen, button and motion controls.

    Main Game Modes

    Arcade Mode

    There are five planets in this more, with five phases of increasing difficulty in each one. Each of the planets finishes with a boss battle.

    Planets Mode

    In this mode the player can choose a planet to play through to perfect performance.


    In Mini-Game Mode there are various different mini-games that the player can choose from.

    • Crush! - In this mini-game you crush both enemies and asteroids by pinching them using the Vita's touchscreen and rear touch at the same time.
    • Disc Slide - In this mini-game the player controls a blue disc in order to destroy blue enemies whilst avoiding the red ones, using the Vita's touchscreen.
    • Orbit Bomber - The player defends a space station with orbital cannons that are aimed using the motion controls to protect it from enemy attacks.
    • Rock & Roll - The player rolls a space rock around the orbit, whilst avoiding the enemies, to collect green crystals.
    • Trucker - The player must clear the orbit of green crystals by colliding them with one another, using a tractor beam to tow them one at a time.

    DLC Game Modes

    There is a DLC pack available on PSN called Blast Pack that contains four different game modes.

    These are:

    • Endless - Players must battle against increasing waves of enemies and asteroids.
    • Bomber - Players are armed with only bombs and must survive for as long as possible.
    • Impact - Players must try to keep their boost by boosting through objects to increase their boost meter.
    • Twin-Gun - Players are given an extra cannon on their ship that they can control at the same time using the analog sticks whilst steering with motion controls.


    The game has four different soundtracks. Three of these were made famous by the creator of Super Stardust HD and Super Stardust Portable's soundtracks Ari Pulkkenen.

    The different soundtracks are as follows:

    • Delta - The Vita soundtrack
    • Arcade - The Super Stardust HD soundtrack
    • Orchestral - The DLC soundtrack for Super Stardust HD
    • Retro - The retro soundtrack containing music from Stardust games from the 90's. These were composed by Risto Vuori.

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