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From a pretty hard-core Tekken fan 3

  I have owned every Tekken game made, except the PSP version of Tekken 5.  It has always been my favorite fighting game series, from its core fighting engine to its zany ending movies.  In Tekken 6 everything that has made past Tekken games great is present, plus a lot more.  Are there problems?  Sure—and the network issues are particularly disappointing—but the overall package is a step above other fighters.        First of all, the core fighting mechanic is as solid as ever.  Tekken is ea...

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Did that woman just take her head off and hit me with it! 0

First off Id just like to say i was a huge fan of tekken on the playstation 1, I loved those games but i didnt play any of the playstation 2 not because i didnt think they looked good but I just seemned to forget about the Tekken franchise but when I heard Tekken 6 was coming to the Xbox 360 I new it was time to come back to Tekken. The Tekken franchise came to acclaim due to its success in Japanese arcades, and now it has been released for consols in the US and Europe. It was known for its fant...

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It was revolutionary for the PSP 0

A main Tekken game for the PSP, something that had PSP fans on their feet for a while now after the success of Tekken: Dark Resurrection. The controls aren't hard, and the multiplayer against another PSP was also amazing, since it included exclusive multiplayer stages. The characters were nice, and played great, just like we used to know on our home consoles and arcade machines. The screen wasn't a bother also, since you were holding the PSP, which also made the buttons reachable. ...

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Late Bird Review: Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion 0

            I have been a fan of Tekken since the first game came out. The similar 3D fighting competitor, VirtuaFighter, never really grabbed my attention much and I constantly gravitated toward Tekken whenever I saw it on a home console or in the arcade. My favorite renditions of Tekken (3, 4, and Tag Tournament) make me hopeful that the designers learned from their mistakes in 5 and gave the game a fresh style and gameplay it needed for the jump to the next generation of console gaming.  ...

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Tekken away the spirit of the game 0

I've always liked the main installments of the Tekken series, even the much maligned Tekken 4. Even though the first two games have aged terribly, they're still decent to sit down with every so often.Tekken 6 is arguably better than those early ones, but it's a definite drop from the last few incarnations of the game. Although it still plays smoothly, Tekken 6 seems much, much slower. At first, I thought that I felt this way only because I hadn't played Tekken in a while, but I began to see othe...

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best fighting game of the year 0

I love tekken the best of any fighting game and tekken 6 is no different.   The Graphics The graphics are great all the characters look very good and are highly detailed. All besides Paul, his face looks really off to me at least. Some people say the graphics look better with motion blur off, but I say the game looks great either way. A few of the characters have 3rd costumes that were made by famous manga/anime artists. My favorite is easily jin's third costume that was designed by the folks at...

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Disagree with JeffG 0

I disagree with Jeff Gerstmann on the extra baggage part of Tekken 6. If anything, there wasn't enough..  I always like the funny snippit endings of the characters, but they had barely any story behind them just funnies.. The game revolves around Lars, who IS cool, but not cool enough to take the reigns himself..  I also enjoy the adventure mode, its just fun beat'em up action and you have to do the harder modes and play alot to get all the neat outfits you cannot just go and buy..   The arcade ...

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The last version is arguably the best psp game ever. What's new? 0

When I heard that Tekken 6 was coming out on the psp I wasn't sure how to react. I loved the last one, all the story, secrets, unlockables, characters, minigames and of course the beautifully smooth and fun fighting made it one of my favorite PSP titles. I wasn't sure how Bandi Namco would be able to stick even more into a game like this, and was hoping that it was possible. After all they had a winning strategy on the PSP version sure to sell well even if it wasn't as good as it's console count...

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Not as good... At all... 0

I love fighting games. I live for those games. I couldn't care less for this one. I'm not a big Tekken fan, and honestly, yhis is the first game in the series that I've ever played for more then, 5 minutes. I'm gonna try and write a short review, but with all the needed parts.  This is one of the achievements I hoped to be fun to get. The game itself does a good job at giving you the please of beating the crap out of 40+ characters, but there's no soul. It seems like every chracter is fighting t...

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My Rage is Tingling... 0

  Please note: This is the review for the console version of Tekken 6 as it is a slightly altered review from Tekken 6.0 and Bloodline Rebellion. Keep in mind also that videos here may not be from the console versions for the sake of high-level play in the arcade versions. Namco Bandai brought back the Tekken games to their glory with Tekken 5 and its upgrade, Dark Resurrection. It focused on what made them great and also delivered on the storyline, which I think does the best job at i...

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Power is Everything 0

Once again the King of Iron Fist Tournement has begun and all the great fighters are invited.     The story so far...Like the previous games, only one ending is the real one (even tough some endings are connected between them), and at the end of Tekken 5, Jin Kazama was the winner. With this victory, the story of Tekken continues. After the 5º Tournement, Jin became the new head of Mishima Zaibatsu. Using the Tekken Force, Jin began conflicts around the world, proclaming the Mishima Zaibatsu as ...

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Despite being hampered by disappointing single player and online 0

 The long running 'Tekken' franchise is commonly thought of as one of the better fighting game franchises of all time, often being compared (albeit frequently unfavorably) to the legendary Street Fighter series. Tekken 6 retains much of what makes the Tekken games great, and it is arguably the most ambitious game in the series. Despite being hampered by disappointing single player and online content, Tekken 6 is still a great fighting game. Tekken 6 features an impressive roster of 40 fighters,...

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A great addition to the Tekken series. 0

Tekken 6 was a game that some fans waited years to finally play. Tekken 6 was originally released in Arcades. Nearly 2 years later, it was finally released on consoles, which were PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and Xbox 360. Many Tekken fans, including myself, starting becoming impatient, because it's release on consoles kept getting delayed. The game disappointed some fans, while others loved it, kind of like how Tekken 4 did, in a way.Tekken 6 gives you new characters, including Alisa, La...

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