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    Tengu Man

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    A robot master from the Mega Man franchise. His weapon is the Tornado Hold.

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    Tengu Man is one of the robot masters from Mega Man 8. Based off the Tengu, a monster from Japanese folkore, Dr. Wily has Tengu Man located in Japan; Tengu Man is sent there to control an army of air theme robots to contribute to Dr. Wily's evil plain. His weapons are Tornado Hold and the Kamaitachi, and his weakness is Ice Wave.


    Tengu Man is based off a Japanese folkore, the yokai. His personality is on par with a teenager, and he's also pretty cocky as well.

    Tengu Man's attack method involves the Tornado Hold, he shoots out a tornado which chases after Mega Man. If Mega Man were to be caught, he will be launched up in the air where Tengu Man will strike him. The Tornado Hold weapon actually makes an appearance as one of Mega Man's weapons in Marvel Vs Capcom. He also throws the Kamaitachi, a sphere like weapon that will push Mega Man off the platform that Mega Man is fighting Tengu Man on.

    Tengu Man also makes a appearance in Mega Man & Bass. Tengu Man appears in the game as a boss to seek revenge off Mega Man for the defeat he suffer against Mega Man in Mega Man 8.


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