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    The Junkyard

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    The main setting of Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga, The Junkyard is a land ruled by tribes perpetually at war. Governed by laws dictated by the Karma Temple, all is changed with the introduction of demonic powers to the Junkyard's denizens.

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    The Junkyard is the primary setting for Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga. It is a land of eternal rain as well as war, where the clouds never stop crying and the blood never stops flowing. Within the Junkyard proper, six Tribes vie for supremacy. Those tribes are as follows:

    The Embryon

    The smallest and weakest of the Tribes. Led by Serph, their base is Muladhara. This is the player's tribe. Notable members include Heat, the second in command, Argilla, the sniper, Gale, the strategist, and Cielo, the gunner. They are embroiled in fierce turf wars with the Vanguards. Their color is orange.

    The Vanguards ("The Assignments" in the original Japanese)

    The second weakest Tribe. Led by Harley (Harley Q in the Japanese version of the game), their base is Svadhisthana. They are in direct conflict with the Embryon. Their color is green.

    The Maribel

    The third weakest Tribe. Led by Jinana, their base is Manipura. Members of this tribe have a distint punk look about them. A notable member is Bat, who is the second in command. They are constantly at odds with the Solids. Their color is purple.

    The Solids

    The third strongest Tribe. Led by Mick the Slug (Mick the Nick in the Japanese version), their base is Anahata. While their position is precarious, being placed between their main rival, the Maribel, and the extremely powerful Brutes, their fortress base is nigh impenetrable and serves as a solid defensive base, hence their name. Their color is yellow.

    The Wolves ("The Hounds" in the original Japanese)

    The second strongest Tribe. Led by Lupa, they believe in honor above all else. Their base is Vishuddha. They are in constant conflict with the militant Brutes, and it is believed that only through the efforts of Lupa himself have the Wolves survived. Their color is red.

    The Brutes ("The Brutish" in the original Japanese)

    The strongest tribe in the Junkyard. Led by Varin Omega, their base is Ajna. The Brutes have strict military discipline and are far and away the strongest tribe in the Junkyard. They are locked in a brutal struggle with the Wolves, whose tribelike attributes are at odds with the more modernized military structure of the Brutes.

    Territory breakdown of the Junkyard at the beginning of Digital Devil Saga.
    Territory breakdown of the Junkyard at the beginning of Digital Devil Saga.

    Presiding over all these tribes is the Karma Temple, which makes its presence felt through a huge tower in the middle of the Junkyard. The Temple has the ability to create laws that govern the tribes, and can create or withdraw them as they please. The goal of each Tribe is to defeat the others and ascend the Temple, where it is believed that they will ascend to Nirvana.

    The Junkyard also serves as home to several mysterious structures, such as Coordinate 136, and the Abandoned Cruise ship. What these structures are is unknown to the Tribes.

    Another major trait of the Junkyard is the absence of many common creatures. Children, for instance, are unknown in the Junkyard, as are animals such as cats.

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