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    The Matrix

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    A virtual world seen in all games in the Matrix universe. It was constructed by machines as a "Prison for the Mind" of humans, so that they can be used as living batteries.

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    In the Matrix films, comics and video games, Earth is dominated by sentient machines. Humans are not born but grown in pods and are connected via cybernetic implants to an artificial reality called the Matrix, which keeps their minds under control while the machines use the bioelectricity and thermal energy of their bodies as an energy source, effectively turning a person into nothing more than a battery.

    The virtual world simulated by the Matrix closely resembles human civilization at the turn of the 21st century because the machines see this time period as the pinnacle of humanity before they cre ated the first AI. The majority of the films and games of the Matrix franchise take place in a vast unnamed megacity, although it is not the only city within the Matrix, as other familiar locations are mentioned and visited by the characters during the trilogy and The Animatrix. The importance of the megacity is not explained in the series, but it is suggested that only the megacity is accessible via hardlines, the free humans only way to enter the Matrix. As this environment is practically indistinguishable from 21st century reality, the majority of humans connected to the Matrix are unaware of its true nature. However, most of the central characters in the series and games know that it is not real, and as a result can partially bend the simulation's rules and physical laws in order to perform incredible feats such as jumping from building to building, flying and moving at superhuman speeds.


    Due to the machines control and maintenance of the Matrix, there have been three different versions of it's design.

    Version One

    The first version of the Matrix was designed by a program called The Architect to be a perfect world for humans where there was no danger of any sort. However due to human nature, people saw this world as "too good to be true" and rejected the program. According to Agent Smith when interrogating Morpheus, "entire crops were lost", meaning that everyone who was connected to the Matrix was killed by the machines.

    Version Two

    The second version of the Matrix was designed by The Architect to be the inverse of version one. The program itself reflected the dark side of humanity and contained wars, plagues, and un-ending terror. Much to the annoyance of the Architect, this program was also rejected by those connected to it. Although humans wouldn't accept a perfect world, they also wouldn't except a life of suffering.

    Version Three

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    After the Architects failures, the machines introduced another program into the Matrix called The Oracle. The Oracle saw that in order for humans to accept the artificial world, they needed to be given a choice, even if that choice is at an unconscious level. 99.9% of humans in this version of the Matrix accept the program and live out their lives in relative happiness completely unaware of the world’s artificial nature. The 0.1% of people that do not accept the program are allowed to leave the Matrix and live in a city called Zion. However when the population of Zion grows to a size that the Machines see as dangerous (approximately half a million) they insert the prime program into a human still connected to the Matrix. The Oracle then spreads a prophecy around the free people that this person will bring an end to the war with the machines. After finding, and releasing The One, the machines send an army to Zion to wipe out the humans. They also prepare to reset the Matrix, and in doing this, offer the One the ability to choose twenty-three people from the Matrix, sixteen females and seven males to rebuild Zion after its destruction.

    The Matrix is currently at version 3.5, which is a in total, the 6th version of the Matrix and is unique as the cycle of resetting has been stopped because the most recent, and likely final "One" Thomas A. Anderson AKA Neo chose to sacrifice himself in order to bring a truce and attempt to foster peace between humans and machines.

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    As it now stands, the matrix can be freely entered by any humans who have been unplugged, and they can choose to unplug any other people who have chosen to reject the matrix at the unconscious level (about 0.1% of them). The Machines accept this, as part of the agreement between Neo and Deus Ex Machina, but there are factions active that oppose this new paradigm, and actively fight against the free humans in an attempt to make them leave the matrix once and for all.

    The Future

    With The Matrix Online no longer running, the future of The Matrix is unknown. There are currently no plans to expand the matrix universe.

    Locations in The Matrix

    The specific scale of The Matrix is unknown. During Neo's search for Morpheus, he scans a newspaper that implies that Morpheus has been spotted at Heathrow airport. However in the films none or the characters are even seen to leave the Megacity. Due to the constant pursuit of the Agents while inside The Matrix, it seems unlikely that any free human would be able to travel via plane to another country. Because of this, it is suspected that the newspaper article may be propaganda spread by the machines in order to paint Morpheus as a terrorist. However the mere mention of Heathrow airport implies that humans still connected to system are free to move from country to county, and it is entirely possible that the whole world of the late 20th century is in fact being simulated.


    All of the action in the films, games and almost certainly the comics takes place in a huge city known as Megacity. The location of Megacity in The Matrix is unknown, but the general population have North American accents, suggesting that the city is in the United States of America.


    · Baldwin Heights

    · Center Park

    · Chelsea

    · Creston Heights

    · East Park

    · Edgewater

    · Industry Square

    · Hampton Green

    · Historical District

    · Lamar

    · Pillsen

    · Maribeau

    · Morrell

    · South Vauxton

    · Stratford Campus

    · Union Hill

    · Vauxton


    · Achan

    · Apollyon

    · Camon Heights

    · Dannah Heights

    · Eshean Projects

    · Kedemoth

    · Lemone

    · Magog

    · Mannsdale

    · Mara

    · Midian Park

    · Moriah Projects

    · Tabor Park

    · Uriah

    · Zia


    · Akasaka

    · Furihata

    · Ikebukuro

    · Jurong

    · Kaede

    · Kowloon

    · Murasaki (seen on map as Tsukiji)

    · Sai Kung

    · Shinjuku

    · Shirikaba

    · Ueno


    · Bathary Row

    · Stamos

    · Manssen Park

    · Guiness Lake

    · Lucero Point

    · Southard

    · Sobra Shores

    · Rogers Way

    · Gracy Heights


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