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 Trinity being played by Carrie-Ann Moss in The Matrix.
 Trinity being played by Carrie-Ann Moss in The Matrix.
Trinity is a hacker and computer programmer who escaped the computer program known as the matrix with the help of Morpheus. She became a first mate of the Nebuchadnezzar hovercraft and served under Morpheus, contacting those who he wished to free from the matrix. Trinity is skilled in martial arts both inside and outside of the matrix and is a highly skilled hacker, managing to gain access to an IRS database among other feats. She has freed many people from the matrix and became invaluable to Morpheus' search for 'the one', a supposed specific individual who can manipulate the code of the matrix.

Trinity helped to free Neo from the matrix and fell in love with him. The Oracle's prophecy that Trinity would eventually fall in love with 'the one' and her trust in Morpheus caused her to blindly accept Neo as the one. She followed him without question and constantly pushed her own limits and put herself in danger on his behalf. When Neo died inside the matrix Trinity revived him by revealing The Oracle's prophecy to him, giving him belief in that he is the one and imbuing in him the willpower he needed.
Trinity helped The Keymaker escape from The Merovingian at one point but was shot by an agent, creating a situation in which Neo was forced to save either Trinity or the human city of Zion. Neo used his power of the matrix to remove the bullet from Trinity's body, thus saving her. She later helped rescue Neo's mind from Mobil Station, an artificial environment exterior to the matrix which Neo became trapped in. She also travelled with Neo in a hovercraft to the machine city to try and negotiate with the machines but died in Neo's arms after being impaled by a large, metal cable, following the craft's crash.

Appearances in Video Games

 Trinity and Neo during the lobby firefight in The Matrix: Path of Neo.
 Trinity and Neo during the lobby firefight in The Matrix: Path of Neo.
Trinity appears in Enter The Matrix as a sparring partner for Ghost. During the scene Ghost's love for Trinity is made obvious and it is shown that while Trinity does not love him back she shares a strong platonic bond with him. The two also discuss Neo's destiny of overthrowing the machines. Trinity also appears in The Matrix: Path of Neo where she fights alongside Neo as a NPC in several scenes.
In The Matrix Online it is revealed that Trinity and Neo were the product of the machines' experiment to create the biological interface program, a program which could perfectly translate human DNA into machine code. Trinity was resurrected within the matrix by the machines who recovered the code for her from her body. Although initially very upset at her lack of existence outside of the matrix she eventually accepts purpose in that she is vital to rebooting the matrix and stopping the oligarchy, a group of people oppressing the machines and attempting to use the biological interface program to transfer their minds into organic bodies outside of the matrix. Eventually Trinity fuses with a human inside the core base code of the machines themselves, combining human, machine and programs and rebooting the matrix to overthrow the oligarchy.

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