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    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

    Game » consists of 16 releases. Released Mar 18, 2008

    The sequel to Rainbow Six: Vegas returns with a brand new story of terrorist attacks and the Rainbow squad's attempt to stop them.

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    The R6V2 Sausage Review 0

    I want to hate Rainbow Six Vegas 2, I really do. It isn't a true sequel, but more like an update to the original; taking out certain issues and fixing some problems (though they don't fix everything). With that said I still find the game enjoyable and it is sure to please fans of the original.The single-player campaign has gone through a few changes. Now your created character is used in every single mode including the Story mode, which now has drop-in co-op. The co-op does seem to play better t...

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    Too much recycled content, but still a lot of fun 0

    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is the sequel to the award winning Rainbow Six Vegas from Ubisoft, in which you played as Logan Keller, a squad leader in team rainbow who, with the help if his two team mates, managed to destroy a terrorist plot to detonate bombs and whatnot in Nevada. In Vegas 2, you play as a different squad leader who goes by the name of Bishop and the story moves along in the same time frame as the original game; however you are put through a different set of events which ultimately wrap...

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    If I could give it 2 1/2 stars I would 0

    Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is one of those games that really make me chuckle to myself. Its a game I really wanted to like, as I had a lot of fun with the SP in the first one, but I just didnt. It added a great new experience system, and took away everything else that made the first so great. StoryYou know, I couldnt really tell you much about the story in RSV2 except it was an extension of the original. There are some rogue agents, terrorists doing cliche bad guy stuff, and many situation...

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    A lot of fun but it has its flaws 0

    Pros:1) You can customize your character and weapons and you unlock more weapons and armor for your character.2) You can rank up in multiplayer as well as in campaign mode and if you level up in the campaign it also shows up in the multiplayer.3) Great graphics even though they havent changed much from the first one.4) The sound makes you cringe when you get a good shot.5) The controls are sharp and will never fail you.6) You can play split screen co op.7) Very fun online mode.8) It answers any ...

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    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a decent and solid game. 0

    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 follows the footprints of the first one. Not much is new, but a lot is enhanced.I wont touch onto the story of the game because it was rather dull and uninteresting.Basicly you play as a squad leader with two people under his command. You are able to order them around and decide where they move and who they shoot at first. You can put them in either infiltration mode, which makes them more passive and would rather return fire than give it. The other mode is assault mode. This...

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    Best in series 0

    This reivew is sorely on the single-player compaign becuase I don't have Xbox Live. I've heard that the online is superior to the single player, so that factors into my review by raising my origanal single player score of 7.5 to an 8. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a direct sequal to R6V 1, and you'll see that the gameplay is bascally the same. There is more customization, which is awesome, and the added sprint-feature gives the game a faster pace. You assume the role of a squad leader in an anti-terrio...

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    Well, talk about dissapointing1 0

    After seeing some reviews saying that it's great, even though it was basically the same game, I decided to give this game a try. First off, don't buy it for 60$. I got mine off of ebay for just 30$, so at least it was cheaper that way.For one thing, I really enjoyed the first game, even if the PC versions wasn't the best version with all it's technical difficulties. I had a ball with lot's of fun online and a solid single player campaign, it was great. Oh, it had impressive visuals too. Now, it ...

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    A safe sequel to 2006's acclaimed shooter 0

    With a struggling campaign and scarce upgrades, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 feels more like an expansion pack than a full-fledged sequel. Vegas 2 takes the familiar formula of the previous game, and implements minor corrections, installs some news maps, and delivers Vegas fans a sequel that will leave them unsatisfied, and possibly calling this "Vegas 1.5". Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a totally rad shooter, but bares the old saying, "what happens in Vegas, says in Vegas...and continues in the se...

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    Back on me... 0

    I loved the first RSV, and found its terrorist hunt mode almost endlessly replayable. A consistent complaint leveled against this game is that it hasn't changed much since its predecessor, and I think that's a fair assessment. I do, however, think there wasn't much to improve upon, and this game still has a great feature that is sadly dying out in modern gaming. I'm talking, of course, about split screen co-op. What is going on with split-screen? Why is it increasingly hard to find when the syst...

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    vegas, baby! or is it? 0

    Ok, so I love the original R6:V. It's great. Period. Not only is the single player engaging, but the multiplayer rocks, too. The best part about it? You can play the entire single player experience in co-op, a la Gears of War.So when Vegas 2 was announced, we all lost our collective minds. More Vegas? More Logan? More killer co-op? Yippee, someone hand me my pants!Gamefly delivery, pop it in the 360, settle in for a long session (baby just went to sleep, so there will be at least 20 minutes of f...

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    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... 0

        In 2006 Ubisoft released the all popular "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas" an intricate, squad based, first person shooter, that gamers everywhere embraced. Now the Rainbow Squad is back, and they're better than ever.      Vegas 2  looks really...really good. The textures are great, and the charecter models are crisp and even. The game takes you through some really neat environments ranging from Vegas to Mexico, and all the  way to France. No matter where you are the visuals will always be al...

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    Sloppy, poorly executed and unfinished 0

    The first Rainbow 6 Vegas was a superb, tactical crawl through Sin City's most glamorous spots. It has a strong campaign, excellent multiplayer, and at the time was one of the best games to grace the year old 360. Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 arrived little over twelve months later with barely enough time to make sure its shoes were tied and its hair looked alright...and by God does it show."Rush job" is not a title we especially delight in branding games with. In the past it was the sort of tag associated...

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    never played the first but i loved #2 0

    Vegas 2 may be an expansion, but I wouldn't know. Let's get this out of the way: I have never been a Clancy games fan. Too tactical for me usually. But Vegas 2, is considerably more accomodating, to the rest of us. And if the rumors of it's overwhelming similarity to the first game is to be believed, then I need to go pick up the first edition as well.The story here isn't overtly complex. Terrorists are in Vegas?! oh no! But who cares? It qualifies as a setting, it's fun, and it's entertaining t...

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    Best In Genre 0

    The first Rainbow Six Vegas is an excellent tactical shooter with an excellent formula that easily proved to be a good base to build a sequel on. The sequel came back and took pretty much everything and improved it mostly by tweaking. These tweaks proved to be just what the franchise needed but it’s the big stuff that really made this game worthwhile. I honestly wasn’t expecting much. I knew to expect a great game because I had spent countless hours playing terrorist hunt in the first one. I lo...

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    From Tom Clancy to Michael Bay 0

    I honestly don't know why they keep the Rainbow Six name around, considering that Rogue Spear (the first game in the series I played, and liked) actually emphasized things like realistic teamwork and tactics. I assumed that there would be some semblance of those things in R6V2, but after the first level, you almost never find them again. Sure, you have the option to use things like thermal vision, smoke grenades, and attaching silencers to your weapons, but they don't really provide you with a t...

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    The terrorist return to Vegas again... for the first time. 0

     Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review (The terrorists return to Vegas again…for the first time).By Justin ReedIt’s been a long while coming, the game reviewer is up andis back in commission (sort of), writing reviews once more in hopes to educatethe unwashed masses before they go out and buy their next game. Today we lookat a title even I was biased about at first, and almost looked over this gem. The Rainbow Six series has existed since, well since I canremember Tom Clancy had titles with the Rainbow Six...

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    Breach and Clear 2 0

    In 2006 (2007 for Ps3 owners), Team Rainbow stormed their way onto next gen consoles with a bang. Thousands have continued to flank each other online everyday of their lives. Now, in 2008, the year of battling Nintendo characters, and Liberty City's makeover, Ubisoft Montreal has decided to let everybody have another chance at liberation in Sin City. But is this rush-job showing the signs of it, or has the dev team been able to refine the experience? The first Vegas left players on a bit of an ...

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    Breaching Mediocrity 3

         To start off with, I have not played the first Rainbow Six: Vegas, and I am reviewing this on the Playstation 3, which is [so I hear] the inferior of the trio. Alright moving on.     Let's start with the graphics. Not particularly impressed. A fair amount of 'jaggies' probably due to the inability of the Playstation 3 to produce any real sort of Anti-Aliasing. That aside however, the graphics were still quite mediocre. The weapons often felt misshaped and had a 'clunky' appearance, and the ...

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    Check out for more reviews. 0

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas was the first tactical shooter to make it upon the next gen consoles. Vegas was then critically acclaimed to be the best shooter of 2006 or perhaps of this gen for its fantastic tactical shooting appeal often now overlooked as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has changed online gaming forever, Rainbow Six Vegas still remains today as one of the best tactical shooters out there. Vegas 2 continues that formula in providing absolutely nothing new except a rehash of all ...

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    R6V2 doesn't mess with the winning formula of the original. 0

    I played the original Vegas on the PS3, but from what I've heard from friends and forums, most of the issues (apart from the 360 version's graphics being superior) were shared between versions: no cutscenes in co-op story, madly inconsistent sound effects, a terrible ranking system, etc.While the sound issues that plagued the first have notably not been remedied (random muffled/silenced gunfire, enemy dialogue emanating from the wrong location), everything else has been improved in some way. Co-...

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    Improvements to make your Rainbow brighter. 0

    Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Review.posted: 05/19/2008 Rainbow Six: Vegas 2PLATFORM (PS3, Xbox 360)PUBLISHER (Ubisoft)PRICE $60ESRB RATING (M for Mature)PLAYERS (1-16 online)Once again Ubisoft has released another title in it's growing list of Tom Clancy games. This one, Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, might just be one of the most solid Clancy titles to ever come out. Sure, Splinter Cell was more flashy at the time it can out and the Ghost Recon titles might have gotten a to lead the Clancy games on the ne...

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    Online review for Vegas 2 0

    If anyone has play Rainbowsix Vegas 1 you would know how hard it is to level up, but in Vegas 2 leveling up is as easy as spawn killing in halo. Vegas 2 offers the user a few new guns and some new maps.  But compared to Vegas 1, Vegas 2 is a huge let down online(well for me atleast).The problem for me on Vegas 2 online was that it wasnt any diffrent than number 1 execpt for the fact that leveling up was easy as pie. It seems that the only map people play is villa which can get boring after a whi...

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    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review 2

    The Rainbow Six series has always taken a back seat to other shooters i.e. Halo, Call Of Duty. However they rarely lack in quality and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is no exception. It is a perfect example of a game that can remain unchanged. The combination of suberbly refined squad tactics and frantic gunplay add up to make a very satifying and rewarding experience.The plot is well, there. Same old story, terrorists,bombs,hotstages and Las Vegas. Infact at some points it is quite hard to follow but its ...

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    It's RB6:Vegas 1.5 but it's still a great game! 0

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[The Good]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Realistic mode > It can be a pain sometimes but it's the way to do it, also extends the single player significantly, start the game on Realistic the first time around.- Solo mission > A la Splinter Cell, there's a great mission that should not be missed and should only be played on Realistic, it can be a pain but worth it for Sam fans.- Leveling > Leveling up in Single player mode is ...

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    Solid game. 0

    There has been so many RainbowSix games since 1996.Iv played most of them.Starting with the n64 Rainbow Six.Its definitly not anything like doom or halo.But the franchise has changed alot since those days.Lets see if its still worth playing.Graphics-The graphics are good.Textures are fine,lighting is fine,details are fine,characters models are fine,ect.But these graphics are actually a big downgrade from Vegas 1.This game actaully looks ugly at times.Ubisoft should of stuck with the casinos inst...

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    Good Game,but sure R6:Vegas 1 is much better than this game 0

    In Rainbow six vegas there was a factor that make the game grows on you but in Vegas 2 i think this factor has gone,the events happens rapidly and the game play is not superb as it was in the first game.but in other hand this game contains great developments to the first game just the split screen and CO-OP online playing during the story.and the second great thing is you can make your own solider by selecting his Armor kit ,his weapons and his face too.and there is intersting thing too in this ...

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    What Happens in Vegas 0

    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (360) Review The Rainbow Six franchise has always been a great tactical shooter however, the series really got noticed when Rainbow Six Vegas was released for the Xbox 360 and later the PS3 and PC. This game mixed great tactics with run and gun and a mixture of 3rd and 1st person views. The visuals were sharp and the multiplayer became many peoples next generation counter strike. So now Ubisoft Montreal are back with the inevitable sequel Rainbow Six Vegas 2.The Story line o...

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    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 - Review by Kim Fidler 2

    Up until the day “Rainbow Six Vegas 2” was released, I had a group of friends that still played the original on a daily basis. Each one making bold claims that not only was it superior to the online offerings of other top FPS titles, but it was probably the best online game of all time. To say the least, I was sceptical. Saying that it’s better than Call of Duty 4, I can understand, people have their own opinion on what they find enjoyable in an FPS. However, saying that it’s best online game ...

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    Amazingly recycled graphics, enemy models and voices don't stop t 0

                If you enjoyed 2006’s Rainbow Six Las Vegas there aren’t any surprises here.   There is a new A.C.E.S system which rewards you for every special type of kill (killing an enemy using a rope, head shots, close quarter kills).  You gain experience for these special kills which earn you new weapons, camo and amour.  Yes now you can customize your amour and clothes with about 20 types of camo.  It’s a bit disappointing not to be able to start with all your favorite weapons but having to u...

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    Is this a good follow up to one of the best shooters of 2006? 0

    ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------...

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    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 improves upon its predecessor in many ways. 0

    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 comes hot off the heels of its predecessor, Rainbow Six Vegas from late 2006. The first Vegas game was highly regarded as one of the better shooters of this generation with plenty of praise from critics and consumers all over. Does the sequel stack up? Yes, very much so. Rainbow Six, as a series, has never been the benchmark for graphical power, and Vegas 2 is no exception. It doesn't necessarily look bad by any means, it's just nothing to gawk or drool at. As with most Unre...

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    Pretty much the same as its predecessor, which isn't all bad 0

    If you have played Rainbow Six: Vegas, then you have played Rainbow Six: Vegas 2., because this game is almost indistinguishable from its predecessor. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since the first game is easily the best implementation of tactical, cover-based shooting in the past few years. The short length and the sense of familiarity might be a turn-off, but if you enjoyed Rainbow Six: Vegas, you should enjoy #2."Vegas 2" continues with the formula from the first game. It starts off in...

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    Recinded 2

    Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recinded Recin...

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    Not as tactical as previous incarnations but still a good shooter 0

    The game starts off in Pic des Pyréneés, France with a hostage situation and then promptly moves you into the familiar surroundings of Las Vegas. As soon as you arrive in Las Vegas it is taken over by terrorists (how inconsiderate of them) and panic is widespread. As the story develops you get to go to different locations around Las Vegas including the Convention Centre and a few other locations such as a small town in Nevada. Good Points: Decent graphics and sound. Better voice acting than t...

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    Beautiful visuals and a captivating story make for a memorable ex 0

    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a sequel to the 2006 Tactical Shooter, Rainbow Six Vegas. After playing both games to their entirety, it is apparent that between the two not much has changed. The Rainbow Series' game play is based on tactical shooting, using cover and teamwork to accomplish a set goal. The latest addition to the series uses this system to perfection but does nothing to innovate and add to the gameplay. The one addition is a sprint button that does nothing but speed up the game and make i...

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