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from a new comer 0

I´m new to this series, I played the original Splinter Cell on the gamecube  back in the day, and I never finish it, and I enjoy it, at least what I played.  now that I played Conviction, I can tell, that it´s faster, but a lot simpler, but that´s not bad think, in fact, I like more this splinter cell, it have the same trail and error kind of gameplay, just a lot smoother, and the storyline caught me till the end, it remind me of Modern Warfare, but, what make this game a truly awesome game, is ...

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the game play 1

i love this game nothing wrong with it i think                                              ...

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Stealth Turned Shooter 0

Splinter Cell is a series that has deep rooted nostalgia for me, and I've played every game to date for better or for worse.  I struggled to adapt and forget the older rule set for the series, but once I did I found a fairly competent stealth-shooter hybrid that I can say I did enjoy for the duration of play.  From start to finish you star as Sam Fisher, an ex Navy SEAL and after the events of Splinter Cell: Double Agent an ex Third Echelon agent as well.  The premise o...

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Feel like a badass and look like one while doing it. 0

  One of like 3 Splinter Cell games I've actually played to completion and imo, the best of the bunch.+'sThe game empowers you and gives you a great feeling of being in control even in the most dangerous of situations The closest thing I can compare this to is the last Batman game. You really feel like you're hunting the enemies rather than hiding from them and waiting. In previous Splinter Cell games, it was a game of patience as much as anything else since you'd have to find a dark spot an...

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Awesome Fisher! 0

Very fast pace for a stealth game and enjoyed it very much from start to end. I am a casual gamer and love this game. Took me about 10-15 mins and a few tries to understand the control of the game and really enjoyed it after that. Love the fast action stealth. Hiding behind shadows and quick moving from one area to the next with multiple ways. For me this game is 10/10 , Super polish, great weapon, great ghost/shadow last seen, fast movement around the area, lots of throw grenade type, can climb...

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Michael Ironside sounds like whiskey. Too much whiskey. 0

 Within moments of booting up Splinter Cell: Conviction, you will be murdering a dude by smashing his head off of a bathroom sink. Sam Fisher has traded in his his anti-hero Third Echelon badassitude, for a new flavor of insanity.  In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that much like the rest of the games in this series - the story is dumb. I know there are those of you out there who may love the Tom Clancy inspired globe trotting espionage murder-fest. You might even lap up all the g...

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Designer Splinter Cell 0

The Josh Powell soundtrack erupts in the open room. Lights blare to the remixed tectonic beats in unison with each rhythmic, unsyncopated drone. Hard lights and sharp edges reveal blemished and rank details upon the surfaces of the walk. The curtains await the presence of a model.  The beat changes to include a swelling instrumental score, a chord progression accompanied by a rising snare. Hidden behind the cacophony of dissonance, the beat reemerges exactly when the lights drop to reveal the en...

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Lukewarm addition to the Splinter Cell series 0

Been a huge fan of the Splinter Cell franchise and was really interested in this particular addition. The game makes some very gutsy change to this. Let me try to walk through what has changed as an old school Splinter Cell fan.   The new cover mechanic. Instead of tap a button to hug yourself on the wall, you need to hold down a button (right mouse button) to stay in cover - just like the Rainbow Six Vegas series, but in order to shoot out you pressing the fire button (left mouse) as if you wer...

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Full of Win and Epic 0

I'm about half-way through the single player and so far it's been a very awesome, well paced ride. If you're into the whole action-espionage-thriller genre (think of the Bourne movies or the upcoming Alpha Protocol), then this game is for you. The whole time that you're playing as Sam Fisher, you feel like a bad-ass hunter. Main Conviction gameplay is spread throughout the game in chunks, separated by unique levels.  The reason that I'm only half-way through the game is because the other time I ...

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Ode to a Camera Animator 0

Almost every mission in Splinter Cell Conviction begins with a little swooping cinematic of the area Sam Fisher is expected to navigate. Then the game's camera sort of wobbles right behind Sam's right shoulder. A few words will be projected onto some nearby wall or crate - usually some espionage boilerplate along the lines of "PLANT THE C4" or "FIND THE SCIENTIST" - before the game accedes control to the player.This sequence showcases of some of the coolest, most stylish implementation in a vide...

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Welcomed Freshness 0

I'll start with my expectations. Aside from hand held or mobile versions, I have beaten every Splinter Cell game. I beat them all on Xbox/360 except this last one. I'm a big fan of the series. I love Splinter Cell. I beat two other games in different genres so far in 2011. They were a little disappointing. I decided my next game to start and beat would be Splinter Cell: Conviction. I chose it because I wanted something I wouldn't be disappointed with. I was right in my choosing. The first hou...

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Jason Bourne meets Jack Bauer 0

If you're a fan of Splinter Cell Video Games of old this new iteration may seem a bit different and if you prefer the methodical stealth in previous entries, Conviction may be a bit jarring at first. But rest assured it's all for the best.  First things first, Sam is no longer with Third Echelon. He's on his own and out for revenge. Fisher gets his intelligence and tech from an old friend of his from the Gulf War. Without spoiling anything, Sam will travel all over America and across the sea. Fr...

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Good enough. 0

I've never played a Splinter Cell game before and I usually avoid stealth games as thats not my style.  However, this game I gave a chance as I heard many good things about it and it seemed the only bad stuff was from die hard nerds who didn't like this little detail or blah blah.  I liked the first 1/3 part of the game where I think stealth was the main focus of the game.  It was a simple game of hide n' gun.  Then they started adding gadgets which were alright but I didn't want to spend half t...

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Splinter Cell: Conviction Review 0

When I first played through the main story a few months ago, the brevity of the game left me with a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth. But having not played the co-op campaign until recently, I couldn’t help feel like I hadn’t give the package as a whole a fair shake. Hence this late review. The fifth Splinter Cell game in the series follows super-spy Sam Fisher as he breaks away from his longtime employers, the shadowy Third Echelon, in a bid to find answers about the events surrounding hi...

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Splinter Cell: Conviction Review 0

By - Craig H.Almost 4 years have passed since we last saw Sam Fischer in action. The last entry, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, was met with solid reviews but did little to expand on the series. Splinter Cell: Conviction changes the formula completely and gives Sam Fischer more power than ever before.The game begins after the events ofSplinter Cell: Double Agentand does a good job catching you up to the events that have happened since we last saw Sam. Sam’s boss, Irving Lambert, was killed by Sam ...

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This game is great 0

I am a long standing Splinter Cell fan.  I love the idea of being a "bad ass" that has tons of gadgets to play with.  Sam Fisher always has an arsenal of fun gadgets and weapons that help you quietly go around killing people.  Conviction is similar to this style but with a small twist.  In past Splinter Cell games you had to worry about hiding bodies and staying quiet.  Conviction takes this to a different game play type and allows you to kill almost anyone and not worry about who finds out.  Al...

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This is CTU; Get me Sam Fisher! 1

Sam Fisher’s been around the block a time or two, or so I’ve been told. I can’t really speak for all of that experience he’s put under his belt, because aside from a small portion of the original Splinter Cell and even less of 2006’s Double Agent, we haven’t spent a lot of time together. Suffice to say that I’m not particularly practiced with Fisher’s brand of tactics. With respect to this latest entry in the long-running stealth franchise, that’s not much of a factor, as the tried-and-tired for...

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Splinter Cell: Conviction Second Opinion Gaming Survival Review 0

By - Richard J.This is not the Splinter Cell you've played before. Instead of staying in the dark, crawling towards enemies to pull of that perfect execution, you'll be running through gun battles taking out anyone in your site. This is Splinter Cell: Conviction, and its one hell of a ride!StoryThe basic plot of Splinter Cell: Conviction is that Sam Fischer, no longer working for Third Echilon, is trying to stop Third Echilon from essentially taking over America and the rest of the world. It's y...

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Great Game, Bad Splinter Cell 0

Waring: this review is written by true Splinter Cell fan and is not for the faint of heart.  When hidden, the screen goes to grayscale So after four years, we finally get our new Splinter Cell game. But how is it, is it worth the wait? The short answer is no. Splinter Cell Conviction is a great action game, but as a Splinter Cell game it suffers greatly. While the game has great set pieces, a tight story which sees main character Sam Fisher come out of hiding to find out who kill...

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Extended development time!? Oh, go on then. 0

  Ubisoft had a difficult decision in how to approach the latest Splinter Cell game. In fact, after the critically disappointing Double Agent , the follow-up was officially announced in May 2007- set for release later that same year. However, the project was then “put on hold” by Ubisoft who decided to re-think their approach. The game re-surfaced at last year's E3, with an all-new visual style, with Sam Fisher having shaved his dishevelled beard for a cleaner, more casual look. ...

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Holds Fun, in Upmost Conviction 0

If you've played previous games in the Splinter Cell series and go into Conviction expecting something similar, you're in for a surprise. Taking people out non-lethally is no longer an option. Interrogating people is no longer an option. Your objective is painted out on the wall, so forgetting what your objective is and checking your spy gadget menu is no longer an option. Third Echelon, a branch of the NSA, is no longer your employer, and is quite blatantly the enemy. Somehow this feels much m...

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Splinter Cell Finally Made a Game. 0

So I haven't been a big fan of the Splinter Cell games since they came out. I thought they were too hard and the controls were too clumsy. When I saw screenshots of Conviction in development and read up on it I started to get more excited. Unfortunatly some of the stuff I read about when it was first announced didn't make it into the game but what did come out was still really great.  Splinter Cell Conviction continues the story of Sam Fisher after the death of his daughter. It's your typical re...

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Sam Fisher, As Played By Jack Bauer 0

I hate Splinter Cell. I've practically always done so. When Splinter Cell Conviction was announced I took the same reserved opinion that I had with the rest of the games. I thought to myself, "as luscious and promising the engine and presentation would seem, the game itself would always fall flat to poor design choices". And like Peter Molyneux would over-hype his own creations, Ubisoft would fail to impress me with the usual problems their games would have: unimpressive pre-set animations, term...

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Disappointing Single Player saved by Deniable Ops 0

Tweet: Deniable Ops and CO-OP shine whereas Single Player is a huge disappointment!!! Recommendation: BUY @ $30 (discounted) Pros: . Deniable Ops makes up for Single Player . CO-OP a good addition . Still in some ways a unique experience . Michael Ironside voicing Sam Cons: . Destroyed unique gameplay that is key to the series . Missions that force you to run and gun . Cheap gimmicks that ruin the game such as Mark & Execute . Weak story with poor mission design . Iraq mission?! OMG . Sales ...

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