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Waiting for the aliens to take their turn.
Waiting for the aliens to take their turn.

Turn-based games divide in-game actions into a series of distinct parts known as turns. Turn-based gaming is often associated with the combat systems in some RPGs and strategy games. Turn-based battle systems are often contrasted with Real-Time Combat.

Some turn-based systems allow the player to take all the time they want to consider their next move, and nothing in the game world will advance until the player acts. Other turn-based systems use timed turns, which give the player a limited amount of real world time to select their actions during each turn. One variant of this is the Active Time Battle system, in which the player characters and enemies both act in turns, but those turns are determined by gauges that charge in real-time. Another related concept is pausable real time combat, which combines real time action with the ability to stop time and strategically consider choices.

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