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    A Maverick Hunter turned Maverick working for Sigma.

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    Vile was first introduces in the original Mega Man X, and was a rival of Mega Man X.  He uses an arm cannon, grenades, and guns, but in the original he just uses the cannon and guns; the grenades were shown in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

    He returned in Mega Man X3 as a side-boss and has a highly upgraded variation featured as a sideboss  in X8.

    After beating the game with X, after the credits, Vile is a playable character in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.  He has much lower health than X, but has more weapons at his use.  He, like X, gets weapons after he defeats a boss, but whatever he gets is usually different.  He can get weapons for his arm cannon, grenades, and guns, but he only has a little room for them. In addition, instead of energy for his weapons, he has a limit to the rapid use of them.  If too many weapons are used within one period of time, his energy for it will get low and cannot use it until it recharges for him.  If the game is beaten with him, he will get infinite amounts of space, but still have a limit to the weapons when used. In the ending, he defeats X, but Zero gets up and slices Vile in his chest, killing him immediately.


    • Vile shares a rivalry against X in a similar way that Bass also has one with Mega Man.
    • The design for Vile was based off of Boba Fett from Star Wars.  In the Japanese version of Mega Man X, his name was even "VAVA", which sounds like Boba.  This was changed in the English version probably to evade legal issues.
    • In Mega Man X, Vile's helmet had a Sigma logo on it, but in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X it is a "V" alone.

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