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    A condom is a specially designed piece of latex (and sometimes other materials) used to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases during sex.

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    Condoms are typically shaped like the male genitalia, and are often lubricated to enhance pleasure. Some are coated with spermicide to kill sperm and therefore decrease the likelihood of pregnancy even further. Apart from spermicidal or non-spermicidal, condoms can also be flavored to enhance the pleasure of safe oral sex.

    They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate anyone, and there are also female condoms on the market, but they are proven to be much less effective. Criticisms of condoms include the 'loss of feeling' during sexual intercourse. Trojan brand condoms are the most common brand condoms and generally considered to be the highest quality. There are also extra large sizes to take care of 'larger' men. These are called XL or 'Magnum' condoms. Some condoms are 'ribbed' to enhance pleasure also.

    Condoms come in a vast array of varieties. Some condoms exist with special warming lubricant to enhance pleasure, or they come in different flavors/colors.

    Currently there is work on a spray on adhesive condom, due to the criticism that condoms are too difficult to get onto the genitalia.


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