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    Wheaton Armory

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    A Raider inhabited ex missile silo located in the wastes

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    An abandoned missile silo that contains a large stockpile of weaponry - and an even larger stockpile of raiders.



    The Wheaton Armoury is located to the west of Vault 101 and is found just south of the Regulators Heaadquarters building. The area surrounding it will be filled with Yao Guai and radscorpions of various sizes, and whilst approaching the building, expect to get shot at by raiders.


    The population of the armoury are not friendly, in fact they are all raiders who open fire on you as soon as you approach, many with light arms such as pistols and machine guns, but in the higher levels of the ruins they will be wielding higher calibre weaponry such as rifles and Missile launchers.

    Also note if you have past the story point where the enclave have started to set up camps, they can be found in the souther entrance to the armoury.


    The Wheaton armoury was not only a bunker containing a helluva lot of guns of various calibres and ammunition, it also transported to various forts and bases around the capital (note the empty militay trucks scattered around) 
    Also at some point in its life it housed a nuclear missile, an empty silo is nestled into the roof of the bunker, which upon entry, exposes the missile shaft which, although missing its nuke, is still highly irradiated, whether the missile was launched or not is never cleared up, however if it had detonated INSIDE the bunker, it may have been a bit messier than it is.


    There are two main buildings in wheaton armoury, one is a set of ruins that has stairs allowing you to climb to the apex of the building, the other is the Bunker itself which will allow you to go through a door and down intot he armoury itself.

    The ruined building is full of raiders who will shoot on sight, clearing them all out yields safe passage around the armoury, as well as a nice stash of missile launcer ammunition, sniper rifle ammo and health items hidden around the top of the building, also around the perimeter fence ae some small empty shell module buildings, containing health and small arms munitions.

    The main bunker itself is highly irradiated, i'd suggest taking some rad-x, radaway and a radiation suit. There is but one way to go within the bunker - down, there are no enemies inside the bunker due in no doubt to its radioactive nature, although some players have reported encountering a glowing one in its hallows.
    Upon reaching the bottom level of the armoury you will be confronted with MARK V TURRET and a terminal which requires a science skill of 100 to crack, (or a 100 lockpick skill on the door)

    This terminal itself is different to the others, as all the text and the screen itself is pink - Unlocking this armoury door will set off various alarms and sirens.


    There is a lot to offer in the Armoury, provided you cana bypass those skill 100 doors that is, heres a sample of what lies beyond those locked doors :-

    • U.S army - 30 handy flamethrower recipes skill book ( 1 heavy weapons) 
    • 2 x Sniper rifles
    • 2x Radiation suits
    • 1x Minigun
    • 3x Frag mines
    • 12 ammunition crates (varying lockpick difficulties, 1 average, 5 easy)
    • 3x pulse mines
    • 4x Radaway
    • 6x Rad-x
    • 3xPlasma grenades
    • 2x Missile launchers
    • 4x assault rifles
    • 3x combat knives

    Assuming you can carry all of that, you can make a pretty penny (or a lot of repairs) from this place!!

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