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Here is a full break down of all the available modes in X-Men.

[Quick Fight]

This mode is for one player only. In it the player can scan load a character of any kind. A computer opponent is randomly selected and a stage is also randomly chosen. Each Quick Fight match consists of two action rounds, with a third final sudden death draw breaker round implemented if need be (requires both players to have won one round each). If the player successfully defeats the opponent the player's character then gains experience points. Once the player save scans his character card the Quick Fight mode ends.

[1 Player Tournament]

This is yet again another single player focused mode. However, it differs a little bit from the Quick Fight mode. Rather than being just one match of two round superiority at a time, this mode consists of nineteen full matches using a randomly generated lineup of computer opponents. The mode starts with a character select section. after scan loading in a character, the game allows the character to have two modification cards (three if the player scan loads an ultimate character variant) to help the character during the upcoming match. After that the match ensues. If the player wins then he or she moves on to the next round and also gains experience points for his or her character. If defeated, the player is shown a countdown timer and must press the start button to try rematching the opponent. Before the next round starts, the player can either rescan the previously used modification cards or scan load new modification cards. This procedure is repeated for the entire stretch of nineteen matches until the game is completed.

[2 Player]

This mode is for two players. Each player can scan load a character card and can load two modification cards (three if the player scan loads an ultimate character variant). Afterwards, both players must fight competitively in a randomly selected stage for one match.

[Danger Room]

This mode is mainly used for the sake of training characters and upgrading their attributes. The mode first start by letting the player scan load a character card. The player can then choose a danger room or even scan load a danger room level card. The player can improve attributes like strength, intelligence, speed, durability, fighting skill, and energy projection. Each one of these disciplines has a special danger room for it. It is important to note that training in danger room levels do not gain experience points for characters; they only increase attribute point values.

[Card Evaluation]

This mode is specifically used for scanning character cards and other cards that are used for this game. This mode is mostly useful for the character cards because they display all the important stats like level, experience, strength, intelligence, speed, durability, fighting skill, and energy projection.


This mode brings up a useful pictorial diagram that shows which functions are mapped to the buttons on the Hyperscan controller.


[X-Men Academy]

The Beast
Jean Grey
The Phoenix
Professor X

[The Brotherhood]

Omega Red
Lady Deathstrike
The Blob


-[Directional Pad]-

[left]-Walk left
[right]-Walk right


[left/right bumper]-Special Mutant Power
[left/right trigger]-Duck/Block

-[Face Buttons]-

[red button]-Kick
[yellow button]-Punch
[green button]-Jump
[blue button]-Mutant Power

Parallels with the Mortal Kombat Franchise

The Hyperscan game X-Men has many similarities with the games of the original Mortal Kombat trilogy. One easily seen parallel that can be drawn between the two types of games is that the fighting mechanics and moves in both do not exist for the sake of fluidity like in Street Fighter or later games like Tekken and Virtua Fighter. Also, the game has a feature at the end of every match that bears much resemblance to Mortal Kombat's 'Finish Him!/Her!' feature after the match is won. The says "End It!" and lets the  player finish off the opponent by scan loading a Finishing Move card.

Card list


[U]-ultimate character variant
[M]-mundane character
Buying more cards enhances the game experience.
Buying more cards enhances the game experience.

[X]-common card
[XX]-uncommon card
[XXX]-rare card
[ATM]-attack modification card
[DFM]-defense modification card
[DR]-danger room card
[FM]-finishing move card

#001-Wolverine [M][X]
#002-Lady Deathstrike [M][X]
#003-Adamantium Claws [ATM][X]
#004-Big Chill [ATM][X]
#005-Cyborg Assault [ATM][X]
#006-Strength Room [DR][X]
Character card.
Character card.

#007-Wolverine [U][XX]
#008-Storm [M]
#009-Cyclops [M][X]
#010-Iceman [M][XX]
#011-Jean Grey/Phoenix [M]
#012-Magneto [M][XX]
#013-Jean Grey/Phoenix [U]
#014-Mystique [M][XX]
#015-Omega Red [M][XX]
#016-Blob [M][X]
#017-Adamantium Claws [FM][XXX]
#018-Sun Blast [FM][XXX]
#019-Devastating Optic Blast [FM]
Cyclops: the complete set.
Cyclops: the complete set.

#032-Below Zero [DFM][X]
#033-Telepathic Touch [ATM][X]
#034-Psychic Shield [DFM][X]
#037-Adamantium Skeleton [DFM][X]
#042-Superhuman Resistant [DFM][X]
Booster card packs for the Hyperscan X-Men game.
Booster card packs for the Hyperscan X-Men game.
#046-Resurrect [DFM][XXX]
#047-Melee Shield [DFM][X]
#049-Half As Nice [ATM][X]
#052-Professor X [M][X]
#053-Durability Room [DR][X]
#054-Intelligence Room [DR][X]
#057-Energy Projection Room [DR][X]

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