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    The oldest pimp in Steelport. Zimos knows a lot about Steelport and also befriends the Saints after the Protagonist saves him from one of the Syndicate's human trafficking hubs.

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    Zimos is the oldest pimp in Steelport and a well known figure in the city's criminal underworld. Zimos had previously formed a friendship with Viola and Kiki DeWynter, but after that relationship goes sour Zimos finds himself imprisoned in one of the Syndicate's human trafficking hubs. Zimos is rescued by The Boss and with his criminal connections in Steelport he becomes an important ally to the 3rd Street Saints as they attempt to bring down the Syndicate and take city for themselves.

    Zimos has had a tracheotomy and speaks using a voice box which has been fitted with an autotuner. He takes good care of his prostitutes, going on missions with the Boss to save his prostitutes from rival gangs. His sense of humor reflects his background: he mostly talks about sex, be it bondage or porn.


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