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The first in a long line of great GBA stategy games. 0

I actually received Advance Wars by chance on one Christmas. My aunt and uncle have a tendency of buying me random GBA games without knowing what they are, and I recieved this with less than enthusiastic response. I mean, really, how good can a GBA strategy game really be? The answer: really, really good.Advance Wars takes place in a world called Cosmo Land, and follows the story of 3 COs (basically generals) in the Orange Star Army, one of 5 opposing forces in a war that seemingly popped out of...

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Still great after all these years! 0

I just finished playing this game yesterday and I was truly amazed on how much fun I had with it! At first I would play a mission once a night but after a while I couldn't put it down, it was just pure fun, I found myself forgetting what I was doing and just keep on playing. There isn't much story to it but it's bread and butter is in the gameplay. The best times where I was stuck on defeating an enemy and had to try different strategies until you figure it out and get it right, there's noth...

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A legend in its spare time. 0

If you're even the remotest fan of turn-based strategy (or even tabletop strategy wargames, for that matter), this is a must-buy. I've played PC strategy games that can't rival the charm and depth of Advance Wars.At its core, Advance Wars takes all the mandatory elements of a good wargame and condenses it. You get a tightly edited list of troops and vehicles -- there's not an extraneous unit in the whole game -- that subscribes to the rock/paper/scissors method of game balance. In total, there's...

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Hyper Repair! 0

I've always been a bit of a sucker for turn based strategy games so Advance Wars for the GBA was right up my alley. While it doesn't blow me away like it did when I first played it back when it was originally released, it remains just as addicting and fun as it was back in my middle school years. Advance Wars for the GBA is a Cartoonish Modern Day Turn Based Tactics game that pits the player in a battle of wits against opposing armies spanning a fictional continent. Combat is resolved through tu...

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