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Max Payne Meets Sci-Fi

Every one has a game they consider a secret, because it isn't favored elsewhere but you cannot stand but to love it. That game for me was Advent Rising.  The story is little overdone but it was fun to see it play out, plus the choices you made early on could effect the ending of the game. After (Spoilers) the earth blows up you join a group of aliens who are being bullied by another group of aliens.   From here you gain magical powers that you can play with. You get things like shields, energy shots,  energy missiles, and so on. The cool thing about your skill is the more you use them  the more they power up, from level one up to level 4.  It starts to really play like Max Payne with you slow-mo jumping and either using guns or magic to dispatch of the enemies.  There are some vehicle segments but there best left unmentioned.  The glaring flaw of this game is frame rate and glitches that crash the game, but get beyond that and you are gonna get a wild ride.

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