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Ai Ebihara is a schoolmate of the Main Character at Yasogami High. She is the only social link that requires a prerequisite social link to initiate, as well as being a status. To begin this social link, the Main Character must have rank 4 in the strength arcana, aswell as rank 3 in courage. When both of these requirements are met, the option to skip class is made available, and the social link begins.

Social Link

When attending sports club, Mr Kondo introduces Ai as the team manager, however it is immediately evident that she doesn't care about the team at all and "Is only doing this to make graduation because I skip classes" . When the afforementioned pre-requisites are fulfilled, the player can then begin hanging out with Ai at the shoe lockers. At the begining of the link, the player is dragged all around Okina city, being Ai's lackey and even being mistaked for her boyfriend by the owner of Croco Fur.

Then, depending on which club is joined-Basketball or Soccer, Ai reveals she has a crush on Kou/Daisuke respectively, and orders you to find out what sort of girl he likes. Unfortunately, they both intangibly reject her, Kou even stating he'd "Like someone like Satonaka-san". Ai hears this, and becomes stricken with grief, running up to the rooftop and threatening to commit suicide. After being calmed down, she begins to reveal her tragic past. In her original town, she was fat and picked on by the other children, even being called "Piggy-hara".

Shortly after, her father becomes insatiably rich in land investment, and the family move to Inaba. It was from this moment that Ai swore to become thin and popular, consulting fashion magazines, helping her mask her horrible past. However, Ai sees that the Main Character is showing care and interest for her, so she latches onto this and suggests the two begin dating. Following this. the charade of their relationship is made more and more evident throughout the social link, Ai making the MC tell her that he loves her, he can't be without her and such other fallacies.

As the link ends, Ai realises that she only skipped classes and became beautiful because she wanted the respect and admration of her peers, which she longed for all her life. She reveals that she wasn't really in love with Kou/Daisuke, she just felt she needed someone to be with to feel alive.

Completeing this social link rewards the player with the "Compact", allowing the fusion of Sandalphon, the ultimate form of the Moon Arcana. 
The Moon Arcana

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