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Don't need a flashlight to see what this game really is.

Alan Wake has been in development for more then 5 years now and the game final hits shelves. This psychological horror thrill game will bring shivers down your spine, with great twist, fantastic game play, groundbreaking sound and a beautiful environment. Everything about this game feels so right. 
Main Story ---
You play a bestselling writer name Alan Wake, who has just ended his best selling novel, series. Unfortunately Alan is having a bit of a writers block for the past 3 years. His wife, Alice, suggested that they both go to a little town called Bright Falls. When arrived people recognize him quickly. This sort of runes Alan's good "peaceful, quite time" alone with his wife. Alan and Alice arrive to their cabin of which they are going to be staying at. At this point you find a little something about Alice, who has a phobia of darkness. It becomes dark outside. Alice and Alan are about ready to get settled in when Alice surprises Alan with a typewriter in the work room. Alan becomes frustrated with Alice for he only wanted time away from his work. He storms out when all of a sudden the lights go out in the house, he knew something was wrong since Alice never turns off all the lights. When rushed back in the house he shouldn't find where Alice was. Next scene is Alan waking up in a car accident.  At this point their are a lot of questions that need to be answered, which is why this game is perfect to play. It always leaves you with something to ask, always wanting more.
Game play --- 
Game play in this game works. It works great in fact. Your main weapon source is a flashlight. Using the flashlight will remove the darkness away from the enemy, which is like their armor. After removing the darkness you shoot the enemy with weapon of your choose. (revolver, shotgun, hunting rifle). Fall damage is realistic, if you fall down 13ft your going to lose some health. Batters ( for your flashlight) and Ammo (for you weapons) are easily found. You will find such mostly in red metal boxes on lamp post. You will be able to pick up Flare guns witch are powerful and insanely useful, epically in Nightmare Mode. The A.I in this game are not dumb, they will sneak behind you without you ever knowing they were there, or you hearing them. During combat most times the enemy will try to get you from behind instead of the front, this is when Flares come in handy. When using a Flare it will essentially mean that you have a save zone for your self where ever you drop the flare, for a few seconds. 
Story Line ---
 The story line is broken up into 6 episodes, each ending will give you a jaw dropping moment for you wanting and continuing the game until you beat it. The story is in fact very confusing at times and can be spoiled from manuscript pages you find while walking around during game play. If you do want to read it. When you pick up the manuscripts and read what it says, it can and will spoil some events that are just about to happen, but you don't have to read them, you can simple just ignore them. The story will leave with a bunch of twist, making you wonder, how and why.  It is a shame that the story is not long enough, I would say that it does have replay value to it though.
Graphics and Sound ---
 Graphics in this game are incredible, the lighting in this game is very unique. It will blind your eyes when you stair directly at it. Sound is even better. When accidentally stepping on a darkness hearing the quick snap will jump you of your seat. Character voice really ties you in the story more. Alan Wake does indeed have that perfect voice of him narrating a story through your t.v. speakers. The sound of the fog going through quickly and foot steps in barns will really make you wonder if they are your steps or a darkness enemy. The sound of echos when somebody talks on top of really high mountains is amazing. 
This game is great, in fact it's better then great, It has originality. The storyline is one of thy best i have played. Its making me want more Alan Wake. I cant help but feel weird that the story line in this game is very short, but it does let you want to play the same game again.


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