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Alex Kidd was having the time of his life, spending a lovely afternoon with his girlfriend on the planet Shinobi. Suddenly the sky was covered with grey clouds and after a flash of lighting a dark figure descended. This figure then grabbed Alex Kidd's girlfriend and then disappeared into thin air.

Before Alex Kidd could figure out what happened, there was another flash of lighting. This time a White Ninja appeared before him. Alex Kidd looked up as the White Ninja spoke.

"The wicked Dark Ninja, whom I banished ten thousand years ago, has returned. He took your girlfriend hostage, in hope of taking control of the Miracle World. I have come to give you my special Ninja Power. Use it wisely to exterminate the Dark Ninja!"

The White Ninja threw a glowing white ball to Alex Kidd and disappeared. The ball filled Alex Kidd with an immense amount of strength and courage. With this Alex Kidd is ready to defeat the Dark Ninja and save his girlfriend.

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