How many people are considering getting Alien Swarm in less than two hours?

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#-49 Posted by W0lfbl1tzers (1787 posts) -

Downloading now!

#-48 Posted by Zoidberg (175 posts) -

downloading. estimated time left: 26 minutes.

#-47 Edited by wolf_blitzer85 (5235 posts) -

So holy shit! I thought this was coming out tomorrow, and bummed that I would have to work all day. 
I bet this game will STILL get pirated. The internet's funny like that.

#-46 Posted by VoodooTerror (607 posts) -

there is literally no reason to not get it, its free!

#-45 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5120 posts) -

Servers were busy, but by the third try it started downloading.

#-44 Edited by TheSeductiveMoose (3617 posts) -

Ready to play in approximately: 18 hours 14 minutes. Fuck.
Edit: 20 hours 56 minutes. ;(

#-43 Posted by acev (100 posts) -

Yes free game downloading now

#-42 Posted by BraveToaster (12590 posts) -

Damn, server too busy to handle my request...

#-41 Posted by Drakhir (410 posts) -

Downloading it at the moment. 0% of the download completed. Wee!

#-40 Posted by mm665 (407 posts) -

Damn, servers are busy.It wont be free if i have to buy new mouse because i clicked to many times on install button.

#-39 Posted by CaptainTightPants (2834 posts) -
@FrankCanada97: Yes
#-38 Posted by SlasherMan (1725 posts) -

Downloading as we speak. Don't know why anyone wouldn't, it's free!

#-37 Posted by Animasta (14460 posts) -

I've played the training round and a round with people, it's really fun. I'd pay 20 for this honestly

#-36 Posted by Jaserno (243 posts) -

Haha. "Steam servers are currently too busy to handle your request". 

#-35 Posted by FakePlasticTree (449 posts) -

Shit gets real crazy real fast. Pretty awesome for a free title. 

#-34 Posted by MetalBaofu (1270 posts) -

 If you have Steam and a computer that can run it but don't get the game, then something is wrong with you. :p may not think it looks that interesting or something, but it's reason not to try it, even if you think it looks horrible.

#-33 Posted by Thevamp25 (217 posts) -

its free so im in.

#-32 Posted by KaosAngel (13765 posts) -

...mine finished and I got a few achievements.  Then remembered SC2 ends in a few I said fuck it and went back to SC2.  I'll play tomorrow more than likely.

#-31 Posted by FrankCanada97 (4039 posts) -

I must say, it's surprising this game isn't priced and being sold.

#-30 Posted by JammyJesus (766 posts) -

Il be playing tonight. Just got about 1/5th to go!
#-29 Posted by Jazz (2046 posts) -

not me cause there ain't no mac version. 

#-28 Posted by Paulus (166 posts) -

Seeing as how I've been waiting for this game ever since blackcatgames announced a steam version...Hell yes I am. Download sure is going slow though. -_-"

#-27 Posted by phrosnite (3517 posts) -

Well it's free so :D

#-26 Posted by Adamsons (877 posts) -

Downloaded, having trouble getting into games though.
How do you get exp, i got a few achieves but the game dced before it finished, do you get exp at the end?

#-25 Posted by RedEyesBlueBunny (1011 posts) -

i dont know what this is but hell yeah im gettin it

#-24 Posted by Animasta (14460 posts) -
@Adamsons said:
" Downloaded, having trouble getting into games though.  How do you get exp, i got a few achieves but the game dced before it finished, do you get exp at the end? "
yep, im level 4 already
#-23 Posted by Uberjannie (282 posts) -

Ah yes, with this game I now have more than 150 titles in my steam collection :D

#-22 Posted by Jaresk (143 posts) -
@Uberjannie said:
" Ah yes, with this game I now have more than 150 titles in my steam collection :D "
I got 2.
#-21 Posted by Webby (720 posts) -

Can 3 people just add me and play. Taking ages to find a game that hasn't started. 

#-20 Posted by Radar (884 posts) -

Uh, yeah.. TF2 hat duder.

#-19 Edited by Jaresk (143 posts) -
@Webby: I would, but it can't load for me.  I just stare at "Alienswarm" with the same two aliens crawling around for like 20 mins without anything happening.  I think I might wait 'til I get a new computer before playing this.
#-18 Edited by Bionicicide (1213 posts) -

I got it, but not a fan of the camera - wish it was over the shoulder. Glad to see another game copy Gears of War's active reload, but man you could not get more generic aliens than here.

#-17 Posted by Hourai (2795 posts) -

Steam servers are too busy to download. I'll try tomorrow I guess. 

#-16 Posted by Jaserno (243 posts) -
@Jazz said:
" not me cause there ain't no mac version. Bitches "
Sucks to be you dude
#-15 Posted by Jazz (2046 posts) -
Not really. It's just a UT mod anyway. 
I'm quite happy playing TF2
#-14 Posted by Demyx (3237 posts) -

Its pretty interesting. Gonna play more later.

#-13 Posted by Geno (6479 posts) -

I downloaded it a few hours ago. Quite fun (think TF2 mixed with space), but the lag is unbearable. 

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