Here's some new stuff on the game! Yay!...?

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I'm really hoping this game isn't going to be bad, I love (love! LOVE!) the Alien franchise, and this is one of those games this year that I am extremely excited about, but very cautious. Here is some video footage from GameTrailers. As of right now, I'm in middle of watching the first one, so I'll add a few more very soon after I see those. Unless you want to go there and check them out yourself, either way. Aliens: Colonial Marines, Prometheus? This is great.

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I think this looks pretty good, and it's to the point that I don't think I won't buy it. From a point scale, I think the lowest it may get is around four or five, and highest around eight. Three or four stars. I'll be surprised if more or less. Hopefully more though! I'm so excited for it.

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Any chance there are Youtube versions of those videos? I'm not clicking through to the GT site.

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Since it's a game so more then likely it'll be like Aliens and less like Alien so I'll skip.

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I love the Aliens movies as well. The games not so much. I'll pretty much have to give this a go, new Alien story and Gearbox and all, but so far it looks pretty generic, and meh. Cautiously optimistic is my color/colour ;).

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How do you guys feel about the inclusion of new Xenomorph types? I think they are rad but I know there are quite a few purist out there who feel very strongly about this.

Edit: The aliens look fantastic and their animation is amazing.

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@TentPole: I think it's fine. I think the game, regardless of it being great or not, will be true to the Alien franchise, so I'm happy about that. They got Syd Mead to help with the concept of the missing areas of the Aliens universe, and they also talked to Ridley Scott and read the script to Prometheus so they can make sure it's following the series.

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@pweidman: I kind of agree'd with the generic look earlier on, but not really now. It's true to Aliens, and the game play is, well... like other FPS games, but I don't think that matters.

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