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4.33 stars 4.33/5 Stars Average score of 3 user reviews spread across 2 releases and 0 DLC

Great OnLine multiplayer for great replay value. 0

If you are looking for a great football game with a lot of nice animations this game is for you.  One of the few football games that really works well without the NFL license.  This game makes you use more strategy than Madden could ever try to.  The single player season mode will lose you after you get all the achievements  The controls to the audio is up to par for what the game is given.  The full customizations are worth their weight in gold as soon as you catch on to what you can do for the...

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A missed opportunity, but great nonetheless. 0

Back in 1999, Sega released the Sega Dreamcast, a quality system which eventually ended in failure. At the Dreamcast's launch, EA Sports declined to release the Madden franchise on the console, prompting Sega to find another football franchise to fill this gap. NFL 2K was the football series to take Madens place, and it performed excellently. The series continued in yearly installments, eventually gaining an ESPN license and moving onto the Xbox and PS2. Unfortunately, in 2004, EA signed an excl...

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NFL-Less Football That's More Kasparov Than Madden 0

When the NFL sold their soul, I mean, exclusivity rights, to EA Sports, what was a competitive genre for games became a struggle to find a niche outside of the NFL (for everyone whose name isn't Madden, that is). Midway found success early on with Blitz: The League, although comparing EA's franchise to B:tL is like comparing apples to steroid-pumping, foul-mouthed oranges with severe anger issues. It took them a while longer, but 2K Sports and Visual Concepts believe that they have found their ...

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