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Gears of War & Gears of War 2

As Delta’s control contact, Anya Stroud guides Delta Squad through their mission to destroy the Locust. She provides vital Intel and strategic advice to the squad in the field and adds a calm, steady human voice during the most desperate of struggles. Thanks to the recent upgrades, the Jack-bot now projects an image of Anya on a foldout video screen, so her connection to the team, and a certain Sergeant, can grow even stronger.

Anya is voiced by Nan McNamara in all games.

Gears of War 3

Confirmed by the unveiling trailer (and later, Cliff Bleszinski's Twitter account) Anya will be taking an immediate combat role in Gears of War 3 thanks to the breakdown of military command. She is seen in this trailer in COG armor with a Lancer assault rifle, fighting Locust and Lambent alongside Marcus and Dom. During combat she has a strong inclination to charge enemies with the Lancer's Chainsaw Bayonet.

Extended Universe

The daughter of Gear Officer Helena Stroud, an esteemed hero of the COG, she grew up in her mother's shadow. Despite being raised without a father, her mother kept her professionally distant, treating her as she would any soldier. Present at the battle of Aspho Fields at her mother's recommendation to 'toughen her up', she was subjected to her mother's death when Helena, faced with no other option, single-handedly destroyed an enemy tank and failed to exit the blast radius in time.

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