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The Boomshot (also known as the "boomer") is a slow-firing, explosive-launching weapon from the Gears of War series, and is one of the most powerful weapons in the series.  In the original Gears of War multiplayer the boomshot had two shots, whereas in the Gears of War II multiplayer the boomshot has three shots.  The maximum capacity of the boomshot is 12 explosives, and a perfect active reload of the boomshot amplifies the power and blast radius of the following explosive shot.  A direct hit from a boomshot will kill almost any enemy in campaign mode (in either game), and will kill any enemy in multiplayer mode (note that a meatshield or boomshield can negate some of the damage of a boomshot, but that a direct hit will instantly kill any opponent).  In campaign mode the boomshot is seen in the hands of the brutish "Boomers", and can be picked up after said enemy has been defeated.

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