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The Locust Horde is the main enemy against humanity in the popular sci-fi shooter Gears of War. The Locust were the main inhabitants of the planet Sera before humans arrived and colonized the planet. The Locust Horde lives mostly in a series of underground tunnels that are spread out throughout the entire planet allowing them to emerge at any place or time to ambush humans. There are many different types of locust in Gears of War, each with strengths and weaknesses.

Foot Soldiers


Locust Drones

Locust Drones, nicknamed Grubs, are the basic infantrymen of the Locust Horde. They generally carry Hammerbursts(Mark II) and are about the same size as the well-armored COG soldiers.They are also known to carry Lancers and occasionally a Boltok Pistol or Longshot Rifle. They are one of the most common enemies that you will face in Gears of War.

Grenadiers are very similar, except they carry Bolo Grenades and Gnasher Shotguns.Grenadiers are known to charge up to the COG Soldiers to take full advantage of their shotguns. When downed they will detonate their grenades, killing themselves and unsuspecting COG.



Boomers are the juggernauts of the Locust Horde. They look like an oversized grub carrying a rocket launcher. Boomers have a ton of health, taking around three headshots with the Longshot Sniper Rifle or an entire magazine to the head with a Lancer. Boomers also have a very powerful melee attack, to keep those who would tag them with a grenade at bay. Boomers do have a weakness though; they are incredibly slow. They can barely run giving you plenty of time to take them out before you reach a range where you can't dodge their Boomshot. They also say "Boom!" before each shot, giving the player some indication before they get gibbed.

In Gears of War 2 there are new units similar to the Boomer called Grinders, Butchers, and Maulers. Butchers wield large cleavers, the Grinders wield Mulcher gatling guns and shout "Grind!" before unleashing a barrage of bullets, and Maulers wield explosive flails and carry a Boomshield, which they hide behind for cover while slowly edging up to the player.

Separately, there are also Flame Boomers that carry the Scorcher (flamethrower). They're easily identified by their protective mask and gas tank on their back, which can be shot and blown up with accurate fire.

Theron Guard

Theron Guard

Theron Guards are considered the elite of the Locust foot soldier. They wear special armor and generally carry either a Lancer or a Torque Bow.They are generally more accurate than the rest of the Locust that use guns and need to be watched carefully when sporting a Torque Bow since those are one-hit kills.

Palace Guard

Palace Guard

Palace Guards are similar to the Theron Guards but are much stronger and faster.These Locust will protect the Locust Queen with their lives. They wear pale armor and helmets with a headdress like formation. These have been seen riding on Blood Mounts.



Berserkers are larger than Boomers and are incredibly strong. They dash and swipe at their enemies, downing them or instantly killing them, making them a force to be reckoned with. Berserkers are unique in that they are blind and use sound and smell to track their enemies. Any movement that is faster than a slow walk or gun fire alerts them immediately and makes them charge at what made the sound or fired the shots - you! Berserkers are also immune to any weapon except the Hammer of Dawn. When the Hammer of Dawn hits them, their rock-hard armor will heat up thus making them vulnerable to any weapon. Berserkersare found in Chapters 1, 4 and 5 of the first Gears of War. They are however nowhere to be found in Gears of War 2. In Gears of War 3 the player fights a Lambent Beserker. Not only does it have the same sheer strength as a regular Beserker, not to mention the bullet proof chitinous armour, but it has several tentacles extending from its back that are used to spear enemies. The only way to hurt it is to shoot its heart when its rib cage, seemingly with a mind of its own, opens, but the more it gets hurt the angrier it will get and the more imulsion it will trail behind it.



The Kantus are priests of the Trinity of Worms. They can use chants to revive downed teammates and to command their allies to attack. They often wield a Gorgon Burst Pistol and Ink Grenades (they also wield Torque Bows and Hammerbursts). They generally stay in the back of the group so the others can do the damage while the Kantus keep their comrades from being killed.The Kantus are the ones teams should focus on due to their revival powers.

Creatures from the Hollow

Although the Locust horde is formidable enough to easily defeat human armies, they use many creatures to their advantage. These creatures are found in the Hollows, an underground system of caverns where the Locust may have originated. These creatures are often changed into vehicles, mounts or suicide bombers.


Swarm of Kryll

Kryll are small carnivorous bat like creatures that live in the darkest depths of the Hollow. They are adapted to the darkness of the Hollow and so are sensitive to light, they are blinded and physically hurt by the light of day, and even burn up due to UV radiation. Once night time falls on Sera the Kryll burst out looking for food, and they eat whatever they can. Locust (except for RAAM who has control over the Kryll), human or animal. The Kryll will strip them down to their bones if they step into the darkness.Due to their sensitivity to light, the humans of Sera have developed UV lamps that can be used as a weapon to destroy clouds of Kryll.


A small pack of Tickers

These small Hollow dwelling creatures have bombs attached to there backs which they can detonate by squeezing their back muscles. The bombs are implanted into Wild Tickers by the Locust on huge production lines. One of these production lines are seen in Gears of War 3, more of an improvised set up. The name "Ticker" comes from the ticking noise they emit while scurrying about.



Corpsers are a spider-like creatures found in the Hollows that fight using their many legs. Their size rivals that of a Brumak and they use their legs as a protective barrier. The player fights a Corpser at the end of Chapter 3 in the original Gears of War and has to shoot the belly and mouth in order to defeat it. It appears in other parts of the game and is powerful enough to burrow giant holes in the ground. It serves as a living drill and dig up holes to let the locust infantry or other locust units emerge and ambush. There are numerous Corpsers encountered in the second game, but only during vehicle sequences. In Gears of War 3 the player will encounter young Corpsers (about as tall as a human), a female Corpser and baby Corpsers.



Brumak are literally walking tanks. Brumak are large creatures from the Hollows that have cannons strapped to their arms and back. The Locust originally bred Brumaks from large ape like primates found in Hollow. These primates grew to 15 metres (49 feet) and often weigh 15,000 kilograms (33,069 Ibs). In the Xbox 360 version you have to get on an APC before a Brumak arrives at the battlefield, while the PC version has you fight a Brumak on foot. However, in Gears of War 2, you fight Brumaks many times in tanks which allow them to be quickly disposed of by cannon fire.You may also ride a Brumak allowing you to crush part of the locust base and make you finally feel what it is like to be a Brumak. In Gears of War 3 several Brumak are seen to have survived the flooding of the Hollow and are sent to destroy the battleship 'Sovereign' after it is almost destroyed by a lambent Leviathan. Another Brumak is decapitated by Delta when making their way to an airfield.


A Wretch using its scream to call more Wretches

Wretches are small monkey like creatures found in the Hollow.They are rounded up by the Locust and given very little armour to act as cannon fodder. Their primary goals are to distract humans, make the humans waste ammo and attempt to clean up any straddlers. They usually attack in packs and have razor sharp claws and teeth. They are able to climb up walls and even on ceilings, making them dangrous enemies if underestimated.


A Reaver

Reavers are flying creatures that the Locust use as aircraft. Usually two Locust will mount the Reaver. A pilot, to control the beast and fire the rocket that is mounted on its side, and a gunner to shoot any enemies. They have very little armour but very thick hides making them resistance to bullets. They have many tentacle like limbs which they use to walk and land with, even to mash any unfortunate humans underneath, but have no clear organs or body parts that explain how it flies. Their head is tiny in comparison to its body, but has a set of razor sharp teeth (much like all the Creatures of the Hollow).


Bloodmounts are stout bipedal creatures from the Hollow. They appear to be the only tamable creature from the Hollow as they do not have any computer/machinery to control them. They were in fact enslaved by the Locust for their endless war against the Lambent and the humans. They have an odd anatomy. Their 'legs' are in fact arms, and they use these very bulky arms to walk with. Their true legs dangle just below their head with a razor toothed jaw, small limbs that have claws. They swing these claws and cause considerable damage. Drones, known as Beastriders, ride these creatures into battle, but the elite Theron guard and Kantus have been known to ride them.


Not to be confused with the weapons of the same name, or the Savage Boomers that use them, these small burrowing creatures originate from the Hollow and are used as ammunition for the Digger (weapon). They are strapped with explosives which they can activate and are naturally very hostile. They will jump up at their prey, after digging under them, and rip them to shreds with razor sharp teeth. Or in this case they will blow up due to Locust meddling.

Gas Barge

These huge floating creatures first appeared 18 months after the sinking of Jacinto. They are thought to be a replacement to the regular Beast Barges that were used underground. They breath in and then excrete gas to propel themselves forward. They're not fast and they're extremely flammable, but they carry a platform with multiple gun emplacements. Like many of the creatures from the Hollow, some sort of computer device is used to control their brain and ultimately their navigation.


The Leviathans are huge aquatic creatures that even the Locust are scared of. They show no signs of affiliation with the Locust and even attack and destroy Locust watercraft, but they are still aggressive to the humans of Sera. They have huge amounts of armour and many tentacles that they can use to sink boats or crush enemies. The only way to kill them is to either use the Hammer of Dawn or throw Bolo Grenades down their throat. They can be Lambetized, the Lambent result can produce Polyps, likely small parasites that have also been Lambetized and are much bigger than ordinary Leviathans.


Seeders are burrowing creatures from the Hollow. The Locust use them for artillery and to ink the skies for Kryllstorms. The front end (the mouth that is burried underground) is usually fed by a locust. They are fed Nemacyst (small flying creatures that ink up the sky, explode on contact and block out radio communications and Hammer of Dawn strikes.) by a Drone, the Nemacyst is then processed through the body and excreted through the 'mouth' that is always shown on the surface. The Nemacyst are organic shells that will target enemies for them selves and can explode on demand.


These large worms roam the depths of the Hollow and have a shell that is partly petrified. This means it is very hard to kill, but it is not usually aggressive. The Locust religion, 'The Trinity of Worms', worships these Rock Worms. Kantus monks use their screams to heal their allies and to try and command the worms. The Rift Worm is a huge Rock Worm that is considered an ancient deity by the Kantus was awoken by the Lightmass Bomb used in Gears of War. Skorge was the only Kantus monk able to command the Rift Worm with his voice and so replaced RAAM.


These large Hollow dwelling creatures were enslaved by the locust as a sort of catapult. Not much is known about the Siegebeast, no known Seran has ever seen one before its enslavement, but what is known is that their legs are bent back so they can continuously fire a shell (similar to a Nemacyst but without the intelligence) and that the Locust used them in industry before the flooding of their tunnels.


The Manglers are large fish that swim in the unergorund lakes and rivers of the Hollows. They are used by locust to effectively 'drive' their boats. Not much is known about the Manglers, except for the fact they are frequent prey to Leviathans.

Torture Barge/Beast Barge

These huge Hollow creatures use their multi-jointed limbs to climb the high walls of the Hollows to move around quickly. The locust use them as mobile prisons to quickly move prisoners to Azura and even process them on the way. The creatures are again controlled via computer technology to directly control the creature and make it go where the Locust want. After the Locust enslaved the 'Beast Barges', they soon turned them into mixtures of flesh and machine, turning them into mobile, high-security prisons.


The Serapedes were a small nuisance on the populations of Sera. A small, durable centipede that had a very nasty bite. They were noted for making elaborate webs and living in huge colonies. But the Locust are able to breed them so that they produce Giant Serapedes, they can make webs as quickly as entire colonies and they have a carapace that is almost as hard as steel. their bites are a lot worse,being able to induce a visible current of electricity into their bites they can cripple and incapacitate their victims in a single bite or two. They only have on weakness. A small glowing mass of exposed flesh at their rear. This can be shot to destroy segments of the Serapedes body, but doing this draws its attention to you.

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