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Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match is a 2D fighting game developed for arcades by EXAMU Inc and published by Aquaplus. The game will make use of Taito's NESiCAxLive digital distribuation system and promises a diverse cast consisting of characters from various other franchises owned by Aquaplus.

Atlus USA published the PlayStation 3 version in North America. The game was released on November 19, 2013 with fully localized English text, but retains the Japanese voice tracks.

Story and Premise

Aquapazza is a crossover fighting game from a collection of Aquaplus properties. Represented games include:

The game features two separate story modes, the default story mode, and a second entitled "Another Story." To unlock a fighter for use in Another Story, the player must first beat the standard story mode with that character.


The various universes are merged together when Ma-ryan of To Heart 2 botches an attempt to craft a love potion. In the process, she also creates Aquapazza, a magical water that can turn people into mindless slaves. The player's chosen characters fight to restore the others to their right minds and stop the power-mad Ma-ryan from using Aquapazza to take over the multiple worlds.

Another Story

When rumor spreads that the legendary Yata no Kagami, a sacred mirror, has surfaced, the characters all go in search of it hoping that it will grant their greatest wishes. However, when Chizuru Kashiwagi of the game Kizato finds it, hoping to wish away the curse in her bloodline, she is instead possessed by the mirror, which threatens her life as well as the lives of others.


Active Emotion System

Gameplay Screenshot

The game features what is called the Active Emotion System. The player character's mood and state of health affect modifiers applied to their attack and defense. There are three emotional states that characters can be in, and the health gauge is divided into two bars worth 10,000 hit points each.

The effects of the Active Emotion System are as follows:

High: Emotion marked by a red portrait. High emotion can be caused by playing aggressively or utilizing the Impact Guard. Being in an emotion high increases attack damage by 10% (15% if the health is below 10,000).

Normal: The default emotional state. No stat modifiers are applied.

Low: The fighter will enter a low if the player is too defensive. Being in a low causes guard breaks to occur more frequently and lowers defense by 30%.

Partner Assistance

In Aquapazza, an assist character is selected after choosing a fighter. Each one has their own abilities and fall into three different categories. The player can activate an assist with back, forward or neutral D button. Assists cost one unit of the Power Gauge if the player cancels into it or guard cancels into it.

The three types of assist characters are as follows:

  • Standby: These are the partners that will not move and remain stationary until given a command. Standby Partners include Mizuki, Ulthury, Camyu, and Yuma.
  • Follow: These partners follow the player character around as much as possible. Generally faster than most of the other partners. Follow Partners include Satsuki, Rathty, Octavia, and Ma-ryan.
  • Special: These partners don't appear on screen until an assist is activated, and they cannot be hit or punished. Special partners are Yuki and Rina.

Other Mechanics

Splash Arts: A super that costs three units of the Power Gauge. It can only be used at or below half the characters health and when the character's portrait begins flashing.

Heavy Smashes are heavy blows that will wall bounce on hit and can be combo'd off of. It is performed with B+C.

Throws are unblockable moves that require close range. It is performed by holding back or forward with the C button.

Impact Guard: Performed by blocking right before an attack connects. This game's instant blocking. It increases sensitivity and prevents chip damage and guard crush.

Resist Smash: Allows the player's block to cancel into a heavy smash at the cost of 1 Power Gauge. Used by blocking and the pressing forward B+C.

Fast Standing: Allows the player to get up immediately after being knocked down. Used by holding up while being knocked down.


The game's roster is divided into two categorys: Fighters and Partners.



Origin: Utawareru Mono

Voice: Rikiya Koyama


Origin: Utawareru Mono

Voice: Atsuko Tanaka


Origin: Utawareru Mono

Voice: Kaya Miyake


Origin: Tears to Tiara

Voice: Tooru Ookawa


Origin: Tears to Tiara

Voice: Mai Nakahara


Origin: Tears to Tiara

Voice: Yuuko Gotou

Tamaki Kousaka

Origin: To Heart 2

Voice: Shizuka Itou

Konomi Yuzuhara

Origin: To Heart 2

Voice: Yurina Hase

Manaka Komaki

Origin: To Heart 2

Voice: Noriko Rikimaru


Origin: To Heart

Voice: Yui Horie

Sasara Kusugawa

Origin: To Heart 2 Dungeon Travelers

Voice: Ryouko Ono


Origin: Utawareru Mono

Voice: Daisuke Kirii

Chizuru Kashiwagi

Origin: Kizuato

Voice: Ryouka Yuzuki


Satsuki Yuasa

Origin: Routes

Voice: Rie Kugimiya

Mizuki Takase

Origin: Comic Party

Voice: Riko Sayama


Origin: Tears to Tiara

Voice: Kana Ueda


Origin: Tears to Tiara

Voice: Rie Tanaka


Origin: Utawareru Mono

Voice: Sayaka Oohara


Origin: Utawareru Mono

Voice: Rie Kugimiya

Yuma Tonami

Origin: To Heart 2

Voice: Hitomi Nabatame

Yuki Morikawa

Origin: White Album

Voice: Aya Hirano

Rina Ogata

Origin: White Album

Voice: Nana Mizuki


Origin: To Heart 2

Voice: Ema Kogure

Yuu Inagawa

Origin: Comic Party

Voice: Kaoru Morota


Origin: Tears to Tiara

Voice: Kaori Nazuka

Serika Kurusugawa

Origin: To Heart

Voice: Junko Iwao

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