What's your dream arcade cabinet?

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Star Wars pinball

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Crisis Zone, with the awesomely stupid machinegun that you never stopped firing.

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The Jackal cabinet my dad owned while I grew up was pretty great. I'd like a Blitz or Jam machine, myself.

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Killer Instinct is one that I've wanted forever, just because I wreck muthafuckers with Fulgore so goddamn hard.

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Centipede or Millipede. Those are my all-time favorite arcade games. After that, I wouldn't turn down a Strider machine. Of course, an After Burner cabinet with functioning hydraulics would be sweet. I recall walking into a number to dilapidated arcades in my time and finding an After Burner whose hydraulics were shot and which had a wonky-loose flight stick. So sad. Galaxy Force II would be the ultimate but where do you put one of those behemoths?

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Time Crisis 3, but being more practical I would actually be able to store and use a Galaga machine.

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It'd have to be either Crazy Taxi or an NFL Blitz

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If I'm going with something that exists already then it's The Simpson's. If I'm making up some completely crazy thing then I want Forget Me Not in a cabinet made from plexiglass so you can see all the insides. Instal some crazy LEDs that sync with the game and have forget-me-nots etched into the glass. The light reflecting on the etchings would be rad. I'd have all the lights shut down when the level goes dark just to add to that effect.

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Honestly, I don't know if it is the best arcade game, but I would love to have a Popeye arcade cabinet. That game is so much fun in short bursts and it is one of the few games I ever get an "itch" to play on occasion.

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NFL Blitz or Pac Man

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NFL Blitz, Mortal Kombat II, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Super Street Fighter 2, Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga, CRRRRRRRRRAZY TAXI!, and umm... Gauntlet Legends.

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