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Third Echelon file picture.
Daniel Sloane-Suarez earned an economics degree at Harvard, and used it as a spring board to join the NSA and pursue a career as an intelligence analyst there.  He alone interpreted signal intercepts c onnected to dozens of terrorist plots, personally even identifying the leaders of an extremist group  He was considered a well accomplished analyst, but was known to have created tension. He had a deep resentment of authority, and was on his way out of Fort Meade when he was flagged by recruiters for Third Echelon, eventually being approved by Anna Grimsdottier.  Eighteen months latter, he completed the grueling training program and was assigned his call sign, "Archer."


The Following Contains Spoilers for Splinter Cell: Conviction

Archer's file.
Prior to the events of Splinter Cell: Conviction, Archer is teamed up uneasily with an agent from Voron called Kestrel. The two are on a mission to locate and secure missing Soviet-era EMP devices. Their mission eventually leads to success, thanks to Andriy Kobin, and the two are evacuated via plane. While relaxing after a mission well accomplished, Archer receives a kill order on agent Kestrel. Kestrel sees the message as it is forwarded to Archer's OPSAT, and the two square off in the plane itself. No matter who wins, the other shows remorse for what has happened before Kobin comes and eliminates the other agent shortly after.

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