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Here's This Year's Crop Of Spike VGA Announcements

Who's ready for some sequels?

Another holiday season means another Spike TV Video Game Awards means another slew of brand new video games getting announced. This year, sort of like every year, we've got a metric tonne of big franchise sequels on our hands. (I spelled "ton" the fancy way because it's Saturday night and what's more exciting than video game news on a Saturday night? Nothing, that's what.)


I'm filing this one first under the "least likely to actually happen" clause. It's SSX Deadly Descents. Wherever Sean Coonce is right now, I promise you he is stoked

The next Elder Scrolls game is called Skyrim

In a lot of ways I think Bethesda's RPGs are the best things going in the game industry right now, so it's pretty great to know that a new one will be out this time next year--11/11/11, actually--although this teaser shows you next to nothing about it. But watch it anyway! The hero of Kvatch would want you to.

Mass Effect 3 is in fact real


Uncharted 3 charts itself on November 1 2011

Please to be watching this trailer, hmm? 

There is a fourth Forza game and it is Forza Motorsport 4

Having myself recently discovered the joy of driving video game cars, I'm optimistic I might actually be able to graduate to a real driving game like Forza 4 by the time it ships next fall. Here's a trailer.

Prototype 2 is a video game

The first Prototype is a game I like less the more I think about it, but that's mostly because the concept for the game has so much potential, I want to see a game that really makes good on all of it. Let's hope this sequel is that game.

Guillermo del Toro's video game is called  Insane

There's not a lot to say about this one yet other than that it's a horror game and it ain't coming out anytime soon. Del Toro might be a Hollywood big shot, and those guys may not have much of a track record of actually shipping games, but the guy holds BioShock in especially high regard, so I'm at least cautiously optimistic that he actually cares about making a good game.

Resistance 3 out September 6, 2011

I've somehow never managed to play through a Resistance game on the PS3, but perhaps next year is the year that will change.


Here's a new Batman: Arkham City trailer

We've known about this game since the last VGAs so this isn't exactly an announcement per se, but I'm including it here because goddamnit do I want to play a new Arkham Asylum game. Man, that game was something else. This cannot come out soon enough.
Video games! Discuss!
Posted by Landon

Seriously, the Spike VGA's effing sucked. These companies should have just announced their games in Gameinformer.

Posted by elko84

can't wait for batman!

Posted by Korolev

Pretty good selection for 2011. Portal 2, Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3 - looking forward to it.  
Prototype 2? Yeah, quite a few people looking forward to that. Forza 4? That's good, for racing game fans.  
And as others have said - NO GAMEBRYO. Kill that engine, chop it to pieces, bury it six feet under and salt the earth. Make no mistake, I like FO:3, FO:NV, And Oblivion IV, but those games were great IN SPITE of Gamebryo, which just might have been one of the worst "mainstream" engines to have ever been made. 

Posted by Milkman

Personally, I'm most excited for new Elder Scrolls but a lot of great stuff here. 

Posted by ShadowKnight508
2011 has the promise to be one of the greatest years of recent gaming history. With such high-caliber and talented game studios turning out such promising games, this might be the year in which I go broke buying these fine games. Will be getting for 2011:
1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
2. Batman: Arkham City
3. Mass Effect 2 (re-released for the PS3)
4. Resistance 3
5. The Last Guardian (assuming that it is released this year)
6. Final Fantasy Versus XIII (assuming that it is released this year)
7. Nascar 2011: The Game

8. Killzone 3 
9. Rage (assuming that it comes out this year)
Such a great year, 2011 will be, for us gamers.
Posted by

Hells yeah elder scrolls V, ME3, Resistance3, Uncharted 3, and Batman.....Where will I find the time, Part of me wishes These were a bit more spread out. But then again with the first part of the year.......damn it feels good to be a gamer.

Posted by DG991

Those 3 games I want to play sooooo badly.  
That batman trailer could have been the story for the next batman movie and I wouldn't have been too surprised.  
I can't wait! :D

Posted by SkinnyBlue

All these games as well as the 3DS launch pretty much ensure that 2011 is going to an absolutely fantastic year for gamers. Stoked!

Posted by xyzygy

All I need is another Elder Scrolls and I'll be set for like a year. I'm pretty disappointed with the direction Mass Effect 3 is going though. It looks to be another "gather the people together" type of deals just like ME2 was. The only way it can redeem itself to me is if it had the RPG system from Mass Effect 1.

Posted by FengShuiGod

Here's hoping Skyrim is awesome. Riding and fighting dragons? Yes please.

Posted by Vao

hmm it has been afew years but i remember SSX having color, and being fun and upbeat, WTF was that, SSX Black Ops?

Posted by jonnyboy

A single new IP.
Industry I am Disappoint.

Posted by Animasta

none of these announcements excite me, huh. (I want to see arkham city, but that's nothing new)
and skyrim will run on gamebryo, so...

Posted by Jambones

I woke up in a terrible mood. Now I am happy again. Batman, Forza 4, SSX, and a host of other interesting titles. *le sigh contented*

Posted by SnakeEyes327
@FengShuiGod said:
" Here's hoping Skyrim is awesome. Riding and fighting dragons? Yes please. "
Cancelled last minute.
Posted by Hizang

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is so going to be the best game ever made ftw omfg YES!
Posted by Crono

Can't wait for November - so long as the dates can be met and the games don't ship with bugs.

Posted by DefAde

So the Forza 4 trailer has the 'Top Gear' logo at the end... that's the biggest surprise in this entire article

Posted by Killroycantkill

The new SSX reminds me a lot of an old PS2 game called Dark Summit. I am excited for Prototype 2 since I think they can iorn out the things that were wrong with that game. 
Mass Effect looks INSANE!

Posted by Zamir

another Interrogation flashback in that Arkham City Trailer, i guess those things are really all the rage now.

Posted by Meteora

I have a feeling that with first parties like Microsoft and Sony trying to shoehorn motion based gaming into E3 led us to a influx of game announcements at the VGA instead. 
Either way, awesomesauce.

Posted by iam3green

pretty good forza 4 and elder scrolls game.

Posted by Anathem

Please let it not be called Forz4.

Posted by animathias

I did not expect to find an Elder Scrolls announcement waiting on me when I sat down from a hard day's night.. But dammit, I am now officially PUMPED. I hope it's on a new engine, but in reality, I don't care. It could look and play like Morrowind and I'll still dump 300+ hours into it. I might just load up Oblivion tonight and send that counter skyrocketing again. Easily the only games I've played more than WoW.

I hope Arkham City comes out before November 11th, or I may never even notice it releasing.

Posted by zymase

11/1/11 and 11/11/11.  It's going to be a long wait, and I'm very excited for both Uncharted 3 and Skyrim.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

Apparently Bethesda is still using the Havok engine for Elder Scrolls V, which means it's probably going to be a buggy mess out the door.
 Mass Effect 3 trailer makes me really wanna play Mass Effect 3 tho.  So bad.

Posted by TheHT

I've never been into the Resistance games, but the 'gameplay' from the trailer looked pretty fun.

Posted by Zicdab

There goes hundreds of my dollars and it'll be interesting to listen to the Batman: Arkham City, Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 3 game of the year debate.

Posted by captain_clayman

so many games.  
SSX - looks stupid as hell.  Werent the old SSX games goofy and cartoony?  unless this a clever parody trailer this does not look good.
Elder Scrolls - Super excited if they dont use gamebryo.  if they do i'll be disappointed. 
Mass Effect 3 - Big surprise.  Cant wait though!  need to play the first two all the way through though. 
UNCHARTED 3 - YESSSS, uncharted 2 was my favorite game of 09, cant wait for the 3rd one!  It'd be awesome if it had co op in the single player campaign though, co op was a blast in uncharted 2. 
Forza 4 - Driving games.  Realistic ones.  meh.  i still dont have an xbox.  looks pretty though. 
Prototype 2 - This could actually be really cool.
Insane - No idea.   
Resistance 3 - Looks pretty ok.  Never really played much resistance.  too yellow looking. 
Batman Arkham City - HHHHHEEEEEELLLLLL YESSSSS instant buy.

Posted by Sergotron

Wow what a line up of trailers they had. Batman, Mass Effect, SSX, and a new Elder Scrolls? Nice...

Posted by Red

Dang. I was pretty disappointed this year for games--especially with my PS3, but it looks like next year will be a repeat of '09's awesomeness. 
Mass Effect 3, UC3, and TES V within a month. Mmmmmm.

Posted by Lydian_Sel
Posted by Chuck_

2011 will be the best year in the history of video games. I'M CALLIN' IT!

Posted by tactis

Man I think 2011 is gonna beat 2007 in greatest year in gaming for this generation: 
Gears of War 3 
Uncharted 3 
Forza 4 
Mass Effect 3 
Elder Scrolls 5 
Batman Arkym City  
Dragon Age 2 
Little Big Planet 2 

There is also probably gonna be: 
A new Assassins Creed game 
Modern Warfare 3
And thats just like the big titles I am sure they are so many more yet to be announced or are gonna be great also, gonna be crazy!!!

Posted by fallen_elite

Oh God Forza 4 already? I would buy an Xbox if it was good enough. Also can't wait for the new Elder Scrolls. Cannot believe the damn game took so long for an announcement.

Posted by SmokePants

I heard how great Arkham Assylum was, played it, and didn't think it was a big deal. The combat looks the part, but bored the pants off me with how simplistic and passive it is. The stealth was half-baked at best. And the game moved along at a snail's pace. Arkham City doesn't really interest me.

Edited by Aleryn

Day one on Elder Scolls V and Mass Effect 3 here. 
Hoping SSX is good.  Loved Tricky.

Posted by cravins90

I screamed with glee at the end of the Mass Effect 3 trailer.

Posted by LiquidSwords

Not interested in any of those games announced.

Posted by stenchlord

After watching Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3 and Arkham City I started to swoon.

Posted by HadesTimes

So I missed a bunch of announcements, I guess.. Wasn't there supposed to be a Bioware announcement or was that Mass Effect 3? 

Posted by Vinny_Says

Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect 3 and Forza 4. This is literally too much.

Posted by Kyodra

Sad thing is that the moment Modern Warfare 3 is announced most of these will pushed to 2012.

Posted by Pageboy

At last, Elder Scrolls V. Been waiting for an announcement for so long. Also excited for Forza 4.

Posted by DJKommunist

I hope they bring back all 12 voice actors from oblivion
Posted by Sykosis
@Kyodra: As much as I'd like to think that MW3 will be a 2011 release the reality is it ain't gonna happen. The most there's going to be from IW is an announcement for 2012.
Posted by DukesT3

2011 looks like 2007 to me all over again. Too many potentially amazing games are coming out. 

Posted by omgmetalgear

Posted by TheHBK

Where was 50 Cent: Blood In the Sand 2?  What the fuck man? 
Also, ESV?  I cannot fucking wait.

Posted by 234r2we232

I'd be surprised if we didn't get another Fallout 3: Sub City game. Broken engine and all.