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Here's This Year's Crop Of Spike VGA Announcements

Who's ready for some sequels?

Another holiday season means another Spike TV Video Game Awards means another slew of brand new video games getting announced. This year, sort of like every year, we've got a metric tonne of big franchise sequels on our hands. (I spelled "ton" the fancy way because it's Saturday night and what's more exciting than video game news on a Saturday night? Nothing, that's what.)


I'm filing this one first under the "least likely to actually happen" clause. It's SSX Deadly Descents. Wherever Sean Coonce is right now, I promise you he is stoked

The next Elder Scrolls game is called Skyrim

In a lot of ways I think Bethesda's RPGs are the best things going in the game industry right now, so it's pretty great to know that a new one will be out this time next year--11/11/11, actually--although this teaser shows you next to nothing about it. But watch it anyway! The hero of Kvatch would want you to.

Mass Effect 3 is in fact real


Uncharted 3 charts itself on November 1 2011

Please to be watching this trailer, hmm? 

There is a fourth Forza game and it is Forza Motorsport 4

Having myself recently discovered the joy of driving video game cars, I'm optimistic I might actually be able to graduate to a real driving game like Forza 4 by the time it ships next fall. Here's a trailer.

Prototype 2 is a video game

The first Prototype is a game I like less the more I think about it, but that's mostly because the concept for the game has so much potential, I want to see a game that really makes good on all of it. Let's hope this sequel is that game.

Guillermo del Toro's video game is called  Insane

There's not a lot to say about this one yet other than that it's a horror game and it ain't coming out anytime soon. Del Toro might be a Hollywood big shot, and those guys may not have much of a track record of actually shipping games, but the guy holds BioShock in especially high regard, so I'm at least cautiously optimistic that he actually cares about making a good game.

Resistance 3 out September 6, 2011

I've somehow never managed to play through a Resistance game on the PS3, but perhaps next year is the year that will change.


Here's a new Batman: Arkham City trailer

We've known about this game since the last VGAs so this isn't exactly an announcement per se, but I'm including it here because goddamnit do I want to play a new Arkham Asylum game. Man, that game was something else. This cannot come out soon enough.
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Posted by TFG

Probably half of these get pushed passed holiday.

Posted by Dizzyhippos

Explain to me how something can lose best action adventure game and then win game of the year...

Edited by vinsanityv22

Batman Arkham City is without a doubt the best trailer from the whole show. But Resistance 3 looked pretty rad though too - glad to see it go back to the tone of the first game, instead of trying to be more "mainstream friendly" (read: soulless) like in the second. Focus on what makes you unique, Resistance! And I'm intrigued by SSX Deadly Descent: looks like EA spilled some Uncharted into their snowboarding franchise. 
2010 was an amazing year for games. Everything from Darksiders, Bayonetta and No More Heroes 2 at the beginning, to Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Quest IX and Mario Galaxy 2 in the middle, to games like Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Halo Reach, Vanquish, Castlevania, Enslaved and Epic Mickey (which is, in fact, very good. Despite what Ryan might think about it. Albeit, it's janky as shit) in the end. As well as many, many more games.But at least it's nice to know that 2011 has ambition and will be doing it's best to crush it with quality releases.

Posted by lordofultima


Edited by CouncilSpectre

Thank God ME3 will be here soon. When I've destroyed the Reapers I can finally rest.

Posted by UberExplodey

No Gears?

Posted by Terjay

I'm stoked as hell for the new SSX but damn that trailer was BAD.

Posted by Pie

Mass effect 3 trailer is set in London. Thats pretty good

Posted by Mars_Cleric

I read up to ES V: Skyrim and stopped reading to run around the house cheering
Posted by CountRockula

A lot to be excited about there, but the SSX announcement made me sad.  I want a new SSX more than anything, but that trailer made it seem like its being made by people who never even saw any of the previous games.

Posted by killawogg

Mass effect 3, elder scrolls 5, forza 4, batman, looks damn hot for next year.

Posted by Rockanomics
@Brad: Thank you Brad for now I truly have no reason to watch the VGAs.
Posted by MiniPato

I really liked SSX: Tricky. Not sure how I feel about SSX Gritty.
Everything else looks fucken golden though. Between this and the already announced and bumped games, 2011 is going to be one hell of a year for gaming. That is if they don't chicken out to Modern Warfare 3.

Posted by csl316
@LooseChange said:
" 2011 looks like 2007 to me all over again. Too many potentially amazing games are coming out.  "

Posted by BDKMat

I'm calling it right now: Skyrim will come out on one of the 364 days in 2011 that is not November 11.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Most of the debut trailers/teasers were a tad disappointing and pointless even. Excited for Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 3, Elder Scrolls V and Bataman: Arkham City though. 

Posted by Raven_Sword

(Me reacting to new elderscrolls game)  

Posted by SunKing

I'm sorry, couldn't concentrate during the Prototype 2 trailer bec– BWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP– ripped from Inception.

Posted by Terry_Bogard
Posted by Tordah

Time to add some new stuff to my wishlist!

Posted by elcalavera

Forza 4 and ME3 the same year... Jesus Christ.

Edited by gike987

A new elder scrolls! Finally!
The SSX video made me sad. I remembered SSX being colorful with crazy tracks. This video makes it look like they are trying to make a gritty and realistic snowboarding game, the opposite from SSX.

Edited by Piranesi

2011 is looking great especially given the number of games that were bumped this year. 
Too early to tell about SSX though - not sure if we need a "dark" snowboarding game (rather have something fun and OTT to be honest). At least it isn't Kinect compatible ...

Posted by Ghostiet


So it's a rimjob in mid-air?

Posted by Soap

Everything looks soooo good. I better start saving already. 
I'm a bit worried about SSX though, all they need to do is make SSX 3 again, this could be a major misstep :S

Posted by Swoxx

Thanks a ton for this news post Brad, now i wont have to shift through a ton of pages to get the good stuff from VGA

Posted by BetonneTom

Man O Man the video games industry is in big trouble if it thinks that constantly pushing sequels is going to be sustainable in the long haul, sure they are mostly good but it just seems very very lazy

Edited by phrosnite

Skyrim is way, way less memorable/catchy than Oblivion or Morrowind. 2011 will be the year of the RPG!!! Hell yeah!!!
 Also... How original! A dragon will be the main villain in TESV.

Posted by rjayb89

$180 for sure will be spent on games next year.  Minimum.

Edited by Portis

Forza Motorsport 4. WANT! 
Also, I wonder if Skyrim will use the busted-ass-ghetto-ass Gamebryo engine. 

Posted by dagas

I hope they have a new engine for Elder Scrolls 5. After three games using the same engine it is getting a bit old.

Posted by l4wd0g
@mrfluke:  we'll see. I have my doubts that all of those will make 2011.
Posted by Siphillis

Let's see here: 

  1. Portal 2 
  2. Batman: Arkham City 
  3. LA Noire 
  4. LittleBigPlanet 2 
  5. Killzone 3 
  6. Crysis 2 
  7. Forza Motorsport 4 
  8. Mass Effect 3 
  9. Gears of War 3 
  10. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 
  11. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword 
  12. Mortal Kombat 
  13. Resistance 3 
  14. RAGE

2011 will most certainly top 2007, as long as everything goes according to plan.  Guess it's only fair after the relative dud 2010 was.
Posted by JacDG

Thought 2011 looked like a bad year, but looks like I'll be getting a new Uncharted, Mass Effect, SSX, Forza, DiRT and InFamous game, along with the Team Ico collection. Good year, very very good year !

Posted by AlisterCat

So excited.

Posted by l4wd0g

looks like 2012 will be a good year. 2011 may have some good ones too.

Posted by WinterSnowblind

So Arkham City?  Seem their going with Hugo Strange is the lead villain.  I don't know much about the comic books, but it seems quite interesting and I was disappointed with the fact they seemed to just be using the Joker again.  Although he's a great character, he's been done.  Give someone else a chance.

Posted by sharma55

Is every game using the LA Noire tech now?

Posted by SquirrelyStew

Deus ex human revolution, Mass Effect 3, Gears of War 3, Elder Scrolls V!  
I'm such a happy little girl right now :3  

Posted by AkIRA_22
@Siphillis: I'm not against sequels, most of the games in my collection are sequels, it's just that only ONE original game in that list is a little sad. But I'm sure I won't care when I'm running all over the face of the earth killing intergalactic space machines as my Ass kicking Shep. ME3 people!
Posted by Kartana


Posted by wonderhare

Dat Mass Effect 3, hnnnnnng <3

Posted by SuperSambo
@dagas said:
" I hope they have a new engine for Elder Scrolls 5. After three games using the same engine it is getting a bit old. "
I cant see them not making a new one. On a PC the engine still looks nice, but boy does it look ugly on a console.
Posted by WinterSnowblind
@SuperSambo: They've already confirmed it's running on the same tech, albeit with modifications. 
And no..  I don't think it looks nice, even on high end machines.  Besides, the graphics are the least of the problems the engine has.  
It's going to take a lot to impress me with this one..  But as long as the actual gameplay is less dumbed down, I'll be giving it a try.
Posted by Baconator
@dagas said:
" I hope they have a new engine for Elder Scrolls 5. After three games using the same engine it is getting a bit old. "
Oh yeah, I hope to God they dumped that engine. At this point refining doesn't do the trick anymore.
Posted by NoCookiesForYou

Dragon Age 2 looks like dumbed down sequel. Mass Effect 2 stripped some rpg elements, so i have no idea what to expect from the sequel. Plus Bioware is adding multiplayer to ME3, so i fear that the sequel is going to have more shooting but less RPGing. But atleast i am really excited about the new Elder Scrolls because i can count on Bethesda to deliver a great RPG game.

Posted by Carlos1408

There's a few games here that I will need to play! :D

Posted by Chris2KLee

Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3 and Elder Scrolls 5. All on my want list.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

 Well  ... a little rundown from me:

SSX Deadly Descents
I have no idea what this is supposed to be. I get the vibe this is some
sort of sequel but it looks mad generic and, tbh, a little stupid.

Yeah ... a new Elder Scrolls is a good thing, but this trailer tells me
nothing. Until I see gameplay and get confirmation they won't use the 
Gamebryo-Engine I won't get too excited.

Mass Effect 3 
Ok, call me a fanboy, but that was awesome. I pretty much is the perfect
connection to ME1 and ME2 ... the last few seconds of ME2 hat me sitting
there with a huge wtf?!-face and this is what I would have expected to 
happen next.

If you know what utter chaos only one Reaper has caused in ME1 and ME2 the
thought of a whole army of them is just awesome. If Bioware manages to tell
the story right this will be an amazing experience.

Uncharted 3 
I don't own a PS3 but from what I understand the Uncharted franchise is ...
well ... "pretty good". So I have no doubt they will deliver on this one.

Im not into racing games so I wont say anything about this :)

Prototype 2 
Im glad to hear there will be a Prototype 2 ... Prototype had the potential
to be an awesome game. If the developers sit down and take a really honest
talk there is enough potential to make this game more than great. Let's hope
they can deliver.

Yeah, whatever ... the game is called Insane ... whoopdidoo!

Resistance 3 
Again: No PS3 so I hold judgement.

Batman: Arkham Citry 
That trailer was pretty good. But then again: The first game was great. If
they manage to repeat that and smooth out some of the rougher parts (Detective
Vision, some of the more boring bossfights ...) there is no reason to believe
this game won't be great. 

Posted by davidjohnkeen
@Afro_Stevens: @Afro_Stevens said:
" New Elder Scrolls game. Just had a nerdgasm. "