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What amount of time is spent in the wilderness? I ask because the wilderness is completely disinteresting to me, and my goal in AC3 would be to spend as little time there as possible... but a lot of the videos I've seen seem to focus almost exclusively on that part of the game. Now, that could be because it really is that prevalent in the game, or because it's the new thing and they want to show it off.

So, which is it? If I want to spend almost all of my time in cities, can I do that? The city gameplay looks as good as ever, but I'm concerned that there just won't be enough of it to satisfy me.

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Pretty much so far in the game you don't really have to do anything in woods besides the tutorial part which is still pretty fun and good to have in your mind. The game said that pelts and meat is good for trade in the cities. They also said you don't have to if you don't want to with fast travel and all. But there is a lot and I mean a lot of discovery in those woods. Some minnie villages are hidden in there and of course Homestead (your main living place) is through the Frontier but like I said before you can fast travel instead. In the snow, the Frontier is terrible to walk through with deep ass snow which makes you incredibly slow. But that's all I got for you. Hope this helped.

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The wilderness has been my favourite part of the game so far, but you can quick travel where you want to go if you want to avoid. Love scaling the big trees to unlock the viewpoints, setting traps for rabbits, finding feathers, finding different factions to do missions for, currently on my way to find a sasquatch

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There are few quests in the woods so far.

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You get a couple in the tutorial missions and probably some more later, but otherwise, in free-roam you can just fast travel through it. I personally love the wilderness part of that game.

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There's a few missions in the story, but most of it is in the cities. The frontier area is mostly for hunting, homestead/frontiersmen missions (optional) and collectibles. There's a few forts to capture, which are worth the effort as they create fast travel points.

Also, finding all of the trinkets out there is totally worth it. Some of the optional missions are the best in the game. many of which are featured in the advertising.

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Good to know, thanks guys! While I don't know yet how much I'll go out of my way to avoid the wilderness (if at all), my love for this series is firmly rooted in the city gameplay... so I was very concerned that they were making that stuff an insignificant part of the game, based on the pre-release videos.

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@Lord_Xp: How are the RPG elements of the game? They promised earning xp...

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theres lots of side activities in the wilds.

theres a bunch of missions in there too.

i'd say 60% of the game is inside cities. 40% not.

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The RPG elements are great and I compared it the other day with my friend being closely equal to Skyrim because of the map size and the mass amount of things you can do in and out of the cities. At first it's a bit overwhelming but as you go along it gets easier to do and get used to it. There is so many side missions to do and complete and can keep you entertained for many many hours doing all of them. But there is also a lot of story to the game which balances out nicely. I can't give you a definitive answer about xp because I don't know much about the multiplayer aspect of the game. I hope this helps you.

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@Morrow said:

@Lord_Xp: How are the RPG elements of the game? They promised earning xp...

There aren't any, really.

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If you basically ignore the side content this is probably the shortest AC game. All the wilderness stuff is really poor but the main game and naval stuff is fantastic.

Anyone else just baffled by the homestead stuff? The buy of shops and landmarks and upgrading your villa in past AC games was great and easy to do. All this artisans and trading convoys is just confusing and barely explained.

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@Lord_Xp: I see, but I meant more into the direction of character building and skill aquirement. Is there something like a skill tree or can you upgrade Connor in any way? Can you "lvl up"?

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