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Audiosurf is a game that allows you to choose any song ever (as long as it is on your computer) and maps it out as a track that you "surf" on.  The track speeds up and slows down along with the tempo. The more intense parts are harder as well.

There are quite a few game modes separated by basically easy/medium/hard. My preferred mode would have to be the Mono modes because frankly, they're the least complex and the easiest to get used to.

The game is as hard or as easy as you want it to be. You choose the song and the mode. Ultimately, there are thousands of choices.

Audiosurf is easily one of the best deals in games ever. The sheer quantity of things you can do as long as you own a fair amount of music is astounding. Pick this game up if you enjoy music games at all.


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     As a game, Audiosurf is quite neat and reminds me of some classic puzzle games such as Klax. Yet, the crux of the game is the ability to load in your own MP3 (or listen to the in-game radio) and let the game build the levels around the music, by analyzing the waveform structure. Throw in some fancy graphics and effects, colours and sounds and you practically "ride" your music. Obviously, some songs work better than others, beat-heavy games have a much more visibly impact on the level (track). S...

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       Audiosurf is a game for anyone who enjoys listening to music and playing video games, especially those who do both simultaneously.  At first glance, the game appears to be just a puzzle game where the player controls a vehicle and rides along a track filled with colored blocks that must be captured and formed into groups of three or more to score points.  The thing that separates this game from anything else on the market is the great concept behind it.   Audiosurf is a music game where you d...

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