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The game "Banana" takes place in a world called Banana Land, which is populated by anthropomorphic moles. Mr. Mole is on a picnic with his wife and son when an earthquake strikes, trapping his wife and son underground! Help Mr. Mole rescue his wife (and sometimes son) and find their way to the exit through underground areas of varying design. The game features 105 stages and a custom stage design mode.


Mr. Mole: Our protagonist. He's an expert digger who loves bananas.

Kiko: Mr. Mole's wife, who apparently can't dig herself out despite her mole heritage. She must be rescued in each stage before the player can advance to the exit.

Nabi: Mr. Mole and Kiko's son. He has the same digging issues as his mother. He appears in some stages as a second target to be rescued.


The object of each stage is to make it to the exit after picking up all the various food items and Mr. Mole's family members. There is no way to "die" as such, but the player can make a mistake and make a stage impossible to complete; for this reason the player can "give up" by pressing the A and B buttons simultaneously to re-try the stage. Mr. Mole can only dig left, right, and down; he cannot dig straight up. Moving upwards can only be accomplished via ladders. Mr. Mole cannot dig through boulders; in addition, boulders fall down when ground is dug out beneath them, so players need to be mindful not to trap themselves. The player is awarded bonus points for completing a stage in as few steps as possible, so try to find the most efficient way through! Later in the game Mr. Mole can find bananas which allow him to use items to help him solve puzzles; these can include bombs, ladders, and ropes. In addition, some later stages can be multi-screen; the player can scan the area before attempting to make any moves.

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