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Binary Land is a 1985 action puzzle game developed and published by Hudson Soft. In the game, the player takes control of two penguins, Gurin and Malon. The goal of each level is to reunite the two penguins. The player controls both penguins at the same time. When the player presses up or down on the D-pad, both penguins go in the same direction. When the player presses left or right though, the penguins move in opposite directions. The player can decide at the main menu which penguin that they would like to control as their primary penguin. The primary penguin moves in the same direction that is pressed on the direction pad, and the secondary penguin moves in the opposite direction.

Throughout the levels are spider webs and spiders. The penguins can shoot some sort of beam out of their wings to destroy both of these obstacles. The penguins can get caught in the spiderwebs or eaten by the spiders. If both penguins are caught in the webs or if one of them gets eaten by a spider, the player loses a life and has to start the level over. All of the levels are timed, and if the time runs out before the player is able to reach the exit, then a life is lost. There are occasionally enemy-free bonus stages. The object of a bonus stage is to free one of the penguins who starts the level out trapped in the spider web, collect as many bonus items as possible, and reach the exit before time runs out.

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