scyllz's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PC) review

I want so much to love this game..

But on the PC version there are too many bugs. I guess this is my fault for buying the port version on a platform that is known for piracy and incompatibility issues. But heck it was a coupon for their online store that made it $20.
Even after that, however, I warn you to stay away from the PC version. It doesn't save your preferences on load-outs or the settings you like on servers you play on. Even the quick play function doesn't work.
When you do get into the game, there is moments of lag at crucial times and outright lock-ups causing me to have reset my machine.  Admittedly, my PC is a few years old; but it's specs are still above the requirements, all my drivers are up to date and I play other games with no problems whatsoever. To see for yourself, check the BFBC2 official forums. It's a genuine problem, and one that I don't see EA fixing anytime soon.
The game itself is very good, I totally recommend you pick up a copy. Just do yourself a favor and snag a console version.

Posted by Mikemcn

Yea, this game has crashed multiple times and half the servers I have favorited have disappered from my favorites. The server browser itself is just broken. They really need to patch this game some more. The game itself is great, its getting there that's the problem.

Posted by The_Laughing_Man

Not a review. You need to give more info about the game its self and not just say " IT LAGS FOR ME!!!" 

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