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First a little back ground The Battlefield series of games has had had an prestigious history, staring in 2002 with the hit Battlefied 1942 the game had two expansions and two spin offs one in 1960’s Vietnam War and the other in the future with Battlefield 2142 which had an expansion of its own.   The Battlefield series switch to a modern setting in 2005 with Battlefield 2 (Modern Combat on consoles) with 3 expansion packs.  

In a change of pace EA decided to make a console only game called Battlefield: Bad Company (2008) this time with a single player story attached. This story tells of an American four-man squad caught in a fictional war between the U.S and Russia, as this story progresses the squad decides that glory and a shiny medal is not enough and decide to go after a huge stockpile of gold. This game continued the series multiplayer focus as the single player was quite short though your squad mates were quite memorable, with your two days till retirement commander Sergeant Redford, Private Sweetwater a intelligent city boy who only joined to pay for college, serving as a comic foil to Sweetwater is Privete Haggard a Texas country boy who is quite the pyromaniac, lastly is the player character who is Privet Marlowe who is the new guy and the player character. This game did quite well and recently acurided a sequel in March of 2010.

First off Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is an impressive game, not only in it fun as hell single player but also with its equally entertaining multiplayer. The story as well as the multiplayer have been added to as well as polished compared to the first Bad Company.The single player continues the story of Bad Company, with the squad once again fighting for their lives against overwhelming enemy forces. All of your squad returns with even but his time though the Russians are searching for a secret World War II era Japanese super weapon and Redford, Sweetwater, Haggard, and Marlowe have been tasked to make sure they don’t get it. This game takes the humor of the squad mates and makes it better this time around; they accomplish this by adding depth and chemistry to these characters which works 100% as I found myself laughing at the dialogue between these characters several times during the campaign.   This campaign takes place mainly in South America as your quests takes you from the jungles of Boliva, to the cold mountains of the Andes, to the deserts of Chiles, and on as you fight Russian forces fighting to find the weapon first and local militias payed off by the Russians.  All of which looks impressive and behaves impressively with all the sounds and sights being equally impressive, make a complete impressive experience.

This game excel’s in several game play areas, first the graphics are impressive as each environment looks quite well and vibrant. It also acts impressive with the physics of explosions being quite impressive and detailed.  The physics of this game are a big strong suit as you can pretty much destroy anything with EA DICE’s FROSTBITE engine making all that destruction possible. The sound’s of this game as equally vibrant and detailed with gunfire being loud and crisp and even echoing indoors with explosions being loud and clear.   Speaking of guns, over the course of both the singe and multiplayer you acquire an arsenal of guns ranging from pistols to rocket launchers. These weapons all look and behave quite well   as you use them to shot your way through your adversaries.

The multiplayer, just like the single player is done quite well. Bringing back Rush and Conquest modes form the last Bad Company this time around has streamlined it with 4 class instead of 5. Another feature that has been added is add-ons to weapons such as red dot sights and scopes, and other gadgets like more body armor or bandoliers. These new additions add for a more complete feeling multiplayer than past Battlefields. All in all if makes a really fun experince

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Posted by JJWeatherman

There are some good points hidden in here. I like how you keep it fairly condensed when it comes to the gameplay stuff. I also really like the back story stuff in the first 3 paragraphs.
I think there's an issue with the ratio between backstory and gameplay description though. Making the backstory stuff a bit more concise and then fleshing out the gameplay stuff would make this a whole lot better in my opinion. After that, just apply some formatting and this is a good review.

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