shawnj_13's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360) review

Battlefield Better than Cod?

Now there is a hype over battlefield and call of duty. Which ones better which is worse and to tell you the truth Infinity Ward really let a lot of people down. Battlefield Bad Company was terrible and not a lot of people played. Call of Duty 4 just pwned the first one but when the demo for the second one came I was like let's see how bad this one is. When I played the demo it was fun as hell you were a medic who had to plant the bomb in a building that was like 4 miles away. When I got MW2 I had fun for 1 month. I got to 2nd Prestige Level 52 then I bought BBC2 and I was blowing up buildings, dominating with machine guns and Riding Tanks. Call of Duty MW2 is still good but I think BBC2 really got me this time. Hands Down Dice really got Infinity Ward now this fall we'll see if Black Ops can beat the greatness BBC2 has to Offer.         This has been a review by ShawnJ13 for Hacks,Mods and all gaming got to our website we have a staff of 16


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    Bad Company 2 provides the  best multiplayer experience currently on the consoles. I think it betters every other serious FPS on console: COD:MW2, HALO, MAG etc.    I didnt play BC1 but was always a fan of the series on the PC and I still play Battlefield 2. I was abit skeptical about DICE's new outing on the consoles but it seems my fears were unfounded as the game has blown me away. While it doesnt match the scale of previous installments with only 24 players, but it matches and even surpasses...

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