fobwashed's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360) review

A single player focused review.


Yet another FPS game that I plowed through.

The dialog is fantasmical Not the story. . . well, partially the story because I guess the dialog is what's progressing the story. . . but mostly the dialog between the characters in Bad Company is excellent. There were times that I actually laughed out loud listening to some of the crap these guys were saying to each other. Prolly the best part about this game is some of the banter that goes on between the members of your party.
Destructable environments You never have any real shortage of grenades or secondary fire for your main weapons and that grants you the ability to blow shit up all the damn time. The thing that separates the gameplay in this game from any other FPS is the ability to make holes in walls and go through them. If an enemy is in a house and taking cover, just blow the wall out and expose him. If you need to flank something in the street, just blow a hole through a wall and go through the house. It feels great to do and it actually gives you a tactical advantage in a lot of cases. Also, when you're on the run from a tank, and it's decimating your cover, it's pretty awesome while terrible at the same time.
The game is short and sweet This short game length seems to be a recurring thing that I appreciate from games lately. I finished this game in around 3 short sessions and am happy it didn't last longer. The game gave me a good time, for a short time, and didn't over stay it's welcome. I like being able to experience a game quickly and not have it dilly dally and artificially lengthen it's playtime at the cost of fun or progression.
The vehicles were fun to use This being a battlefield game, you can expect to get into vehicles and drive around. The cars, atvs and tanks you ride in this game are fun to control and shoot with. I haven't had this much of a blast with vehicular combat since Halo. Very well done. Especially the tank.
The sense of distance in the sound effects are really cool The environments you play in are quite often very large and the way sounds sound when they're far away as opposed to close by is really cool. It's a small thing but it helps with immersion a lot and should be mentioned. More games should copy this.

The game itself The game as an FPS is pretty standard fare. Aside from the banter and destructible environments, there's nothing in this game whatsoever that separates it from the ocean of FPS games in the market. It doesn't do anything bad, just not much good.
The graphics are standard Sure the standard these days is pretty high, and the graphics are pretty, but in the age of Modern Warfare 2's and Uncharted 2s and such, they just don't really impress. All in all, the visuals are fine and dandy and get the job done.

Nothing really bad that I can think of I should've written this as soon as I finished the game and had I done that, maybe I would've recalled something to really bitch about, but thinking back now, I don't remember anything being annoying or bad.

This was a quick and fun romp with a decent story and excellent characters. I had a good time and a good FPS fix with this game. I also hear that the multiplayer is really awesome compared to MW2 but according to Andy's review, that's not the case. Single player wise, I'd say go ahead and give it a go but seeing as how it's not really THAT special, I can't really give it much more than my score of 3/5. Above average for sure, but not by too much.



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