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1.5 stars 1.5/5 Stars Average score of 4 user reviews spread across 8 releases and 0 DLC

In this day and age, the Track & Field formula is not acceptable. 2

ProsIt'll make sure your controller is sturdy.ConsIt will also wear out your controller.Mediocre graphics, bland gameplay, no substance.Laggy online component.The reason I gave Beijing Olympics two stars is simple: it's not broken. Granted, it's repetitious, tedious, and boring; but not complete trash. (Cheers to you, Jumper!) I have not kept up with recent releases of the Olympics games, but knew they were not up to par. The main gameplay functions of this game revolve around a similar game tha...

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A,B,A,B,A,B,A,B,A,B Run! 0

       ProsNice opening ceremony Online isn't horrible...        ConsHorrid experience Doesn't capture the all! Annoying controls Frustrating gameplay Repetitive events Single Player:1 and a half starControls:0 Stars(Yes, I actually give 0 stars)Multiplayer:3 and a half starsLasting appeal:Half a starFinal Score:1 Star...

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Officially boring! 0

Beijing 2008: The Official Game PLATFORM (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)PUBLISHER (Sega)PRICE $50ESRB RATING (E for Everyone)PLAYERS (1-4, 8 online)   Like me, many of you have probably seen the Summer Olympics on TV and intently watched as athletes perform for the world. Unlike me, though, I hope you have been lucky enough to not buy the Beijing 2008 videogame.   Stubbornly stuck in game-play ages old, yet trying to be something new by mapping the  'mash the button' controls onto new style controllers, Bei...

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At half a price, you might see it with a more positive look. 0

As I visited today my local games store, among the known and shinny mega-hits of 2009, I caught with the tip of my eye "Beijing 2008" being offered at a bargain price. My immediate thought was "Who cares... I'm not going to buy a game that has such a bad reputation in the gamers’ community. And suddenly a crazy idea crossed my mind. What if I actually bought it? Nobody will have to know it... I approached the shelf and hold its case in my shaking hands, knowing that at this very moment I'm holdi...

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