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Beyond Good & Evil: The Solid Game with Aging Quirks 1

I realize that in doing this review in 2009, I'm around six years late to the Beyond Good & Evil review party. Originally released halfway through the last console cycle, the game has most certainly aged. Others have since come along and refined both the action-adventure genre itself and the storytelling methods employed by the video game industry in general. The aging process itself, however, proves to be unconventional, much like the game itself in its obscure heyday. It's still a solid ga...

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Short but powerful, a great adventure game... 0

As you start to play Beyond Good & Evil, you will instantly be reminded of The Legend of Zelda. Indeed, the gameplay is very similar to Ocarina of Time or any of the other main titles that came after, but as you play you will find that BG&E offers a little more than your typical Zelda game.You, Jade, are a reporter on the planet Hillys during a war with the alien DomZ. I wont sit here and ruin the whole story for you, but the game world, while small, is very vibrant and colorful. You'll ...

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The Best Deal On XBLA 0

This gaming generation there have been a lot of questions about the direction the gaming industry is heading.  One such question revolves around dowloadable games.  How much content should be in a $15 game compared to a $10 game?  How much should that extra $5 account for?  I don't have an answer for those questions but I do know a good deal when I see one.  Beyond Good and Evil HD (BG&E) is one of those good deals.  BG&E HD is based on the original BG&E released last generation.  Th...

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A Gem 0

Signing up for Gamefly allowed me to look back at the vast amount of games that I had missed from previous generations. Naturally, Beyond Good & Evil fits the bill. This is one of those games that critics loved but consumers never stopped to notice. As a result, the game is no longer in production, listed as backordered on just about every website, and has no way to get noticed. I'm here to tell you that those critics weren't wrong. This is an exceptional game, and it's worth the scavenger h...

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Beyond Good and Evil Review 0

Beyond Good & Evil came out for the last generation of consoles (Gamecube, PS2, and XBOX), but because of its underground success Ubisoft was willing to update the graphics a smidgen and throw it back to the public on at least the XBOX Live Arcade Marketplace. You will be playing the role of Jade, an innocent person who gets thrusted into the role of a secret agent.Graphically you can see that the world and character models came from the XBOX, but at least it looks like there was a bit of po...

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Beyond Good and Evil is a great game for all you pacifists. 0

Beyond Good and Evil is one of the best games I've played for the Gamecube. Not only does it have one of the best stories for a video game, it also has great graphics, sound, an awesome control scheme. The only adventure game that is better than this is Windwaker, mostly because of the length and sheer amounts of things to do. The game is just way to short to warrant a full $50 price, so this might be why it initially failed to get sales. I probably would be annoyed if I paid more than $20 for i...

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Beyond Good & Evil HD Review 0

Beyond Good & Evil was originally released as a multiplatform title in 2003 and was one of those games that was highly praised but wasn’t met with high sales.   The people who played it were very vocal about how they felt about the game, but that didn’t sway other gamers into investing in the world of Hillys and the characters that inhabit it.   After experiencing Beyond Good & Evil, it pains me to know I was one of the many who didn’t enjoy this gem when it was first released. I was sti...

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Beyond Good & Evil 0

It's truly sad that nobody played this game, because it is a gem and available for all 3 previous-gen systems. It's a mix of Zelda-style puzzle-focused dungeons and exploration with sci-fi themes and a heavy emphasis on stealth. I think the design succeeds more than the actual execution in some parts. Jade isn't the best-controlling main character ever, but the design IS great, and she's the star of one of the better game stories I've ever experienced... I'm not talking about your crazy RPG plot...

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Beyond Good & Evil is a short but sweet ride. 0

Beyond Good & Evil is an action/adventure game where you play as Jade, a woman that wears all green, knows kung-fu, moonlights as a photographer, and is generally too cool for school. Your planet has been attacked by the evil DOMz, and is now under the protection of the Alpha Sections. However, all is not as it seems. Throughout the course of your adventure, you'll infiltrate some shady operations and expose the truth about what's going on. This takes the form of battling enemies, running ho...

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Well beyond good 0

Recently, on a whim, I picked up this game, after reading very little about it. I read that it was supposed to be some sort of stealth based conspiracy game, set in some sort of fantasy/Sci-fi world, and that was pretty much the extent of what I knew about this game going into it. This game pleasantly surprised me.  In this game, you play Jade, a freelance photographer, and protector of orphaned children. Along with your half-hog uncle Pey’j (pronounced Page), you run a lighthouse, which also...

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Beyond Good & Evil (PlayStation 2) Review 0

Upon release, Rayman creator Michael Ancel's Beyond Good & Evil was met with critical acclaim and, regrettably, relatively poor sales; this was attributed by many to be due to the fact that BG&E was released at roughly the same time as big Ubisoft titles like Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, which, as we all know, were very successful releases and went on to spawn multiple sequels. With that, Beyond Good & Evil was left behind, going on to become on...

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Oozing with Charm and Personality to Create a Great Experience 0

It takes a great deal to stand out in today’s video game market, but Beyond Good and Evil from Ubisoft achieves this status through a combination of charming characters, strong storyline, and highly engaging environments which make it the best action-adventure since Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The protagonist for the story is Jade, a young aspiring photojournalist who along with her inventive man-pig uncle Pey’j live in an island lighthouse serving as caretaker for a group of orphans...

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A few missed opportunities don't spoil this hidden gem! 0

Beyond Good & Evil is hailed by many as a classic that never was, a hidden gem that was buried under the rough that was the games industry circa 2003. Rough not only because there was a lot of samey FPS games, licensed games (the ones that set the trend of them being bad), and sports games, but also because there were a lot of games to distract people from the bad ones. For every Enter the Matrix you had Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. For every ...

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I hope that BG&E becomes the trilogy Michael Ancel Wanted! 0

Beyond Good & Evil is a third-person action/adventure game that combines an impressively simplified combat system with stealth and espionage elements. I thoroughly enjoyed the unique characters that were both interesting and realistic (or as realistic as a talking boar mechanic called Pej'j). The use of a camera as evidence of Alpha Section's misdeeds is an effective gaming tool that really immerses you in the action. Furthermore, the story that unfolds as you uncover more about Alpha Sectio...

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Almost could convert me back to third person adventures 0

Ok, let me qualify my comments by saying that Beyond Good & Evil is the first third-person action / platform game I have played in a LONG while. Furthermore, I am a complete first-person adventure / shooter addict. That being said I REALLY liked this game! The story and characterisation are spot on and the game world it just superb. The fact is that I spent most of my time wishing that more first-person games had this sort of imagination! I know, I know, they are completely different ...

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Beyond Good and Evil is a terribly underappreciated game 0

Beyond Good and Evil is a truly remarkable experience. Its completely unique concept and gameplay are both fun and intuitive. It's rare that a developer takes the risk to develop something entirely new. But Ubisoft, known for bending the bar in games like Prince of Persia and Rayman, allowed their internal studio to create a fabulous experience that is marred only by a somewhat trial and error format and it's short and linear, albeit excellent, story .The story in Beyond is, in a word, quite mov...

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