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 Big Robot Bil is Willie's robot pal. He is humongous, metal, very creaky, and just wants to hold his teddy bear. He was one of the three robots created by Ottoborg to build houses for his seven sons. Of those robots - Appie and Togor being the other two - Bil was the one who was best at building. When Ottoborg's world broke apart, Bil drifted over onto Willie Trombone's floating island, and saved Willie from being devoured by a group of nasty Victoids. They went on to meet Hoborg, and helped him to find the finest Klay in the universe. In gratitude, Hoborg gave Bil a blue teddy bear, which Bil loved and would not be separated from. When Klogg took over the Neverhood, he trapped Bil in a sort of prison and took away Bil's bear, turning him bad by pushing a lever from 'good' to 'bad' inside his body. When Klaymen comes across Bil in the destroyed Neverhood, he restores Bil's good nature and helps him get his Teddy back. Klogg, noticing the developments of Klaymen's meddling, sends the Clockwork Beast to stop the heroes. In a spectacular giant robot battle, Bil defeats the beast with Klaymen's help. In the process, though, the beast sends out its nefarious Bear Retrieval Unit, destroying Teddy and sending Bil into a rage. Klogg, not satisfied with breaking Bil's spirit in such a way, fired the giant cannon and blew a big hole in Bil's body. Bil fell off of the Neverhood along with Willie, but remained there to protect the world while Klaymen goes off to continue the fight against Klogg in Skullmonkeys.    

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