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Klogg declares himself ruler of the Neverhood
  Klogg was the first being created by the powerful but lonely Hoborg, who longed for companionship. However, despite being given the entire world of the Neverhood to enjoy, he immediately tried to take the one thing he could not have: Hoborg's crown. Growing envious of his creator, Klogg managed to steal the crown and declared hiself ruler of the Neverhood. Placing the crown upon his head, Klogg undergoes a radical transformation of both his physical form and his sanity to become the nemesis of Klayman.   

After the transformation through the power of the crown
With Hoborg frozen through the loss of his crown, Klogg literally tore apart the peaceful wo rld, imprisoning Big Robot Bill and hunting down Willie Trombone. Klayman eventually confronts Klogg in the throne room, leadin g to a final moral choice by the player. In both endings of the game, it  is Klogg's overconfidence which leads to his downfall: either through the creation of a new tyrant, or accidentally blasting himself clear of the Neverhood via a giant cannon.  
The latter (canonical) ending leaves him falling through the cold reaches of space to finally land on Planet Idznak, home of the Skullmonkeys. Clothing himself in the skull and pelt of his unfortunate landing pad, Klogg takes control of the local inhabitants and
plots revenge on the Neverhood via his Evil Engine Number 9.

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