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Hoborg is one of the seven sons of Quater, who is the only creation of 'Father', the God-like creator of the universe in which The Neverhood takes place. The following is from The Neverhood Chronicles:  

 Quater wanted to see what would happen if he made a creative being with a big heart. Quater named him Hoborg, meaning "big heart".'  

 Hobrg set out to create his own world using the Klay of creation. With the help of Willie Trombone and Big Robot Bil, Hoborg went through a harsh journey lasting many years to reach the finest Klay in the universe, the everlasting Klay that would allow Hoborg to create beings of quality, who would not crumble away and die. From this Klay, Hoborg created the Neverhood, a beautiful world of peace and relaxation. Hoborg wanted to create life forms to populate his beautiful but lonely world, but he wanted to create beings with free will, who would enjoy his world and his company because they wanted to, not because they were created to. Unfortunately, his first creation, Klogg, turned out to be a selfish and envious creature who wanted to rule the Neverhood himself. He stole Hoborg's crown, sending the creator into a deep sleep, lifeless. Luckily, the last one of Hoborg's Klay life seeds escaped Klogg's attention. Willie took this seed, which grew into Klaymen, the hero who would save the Neverhood from Klogg's evil reign. When Klaymen gets the crown back from Klogg, if he chooses to return it to Hoborg, Hoborg is pleased and makes many more sons with the remaining life seeds.

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