zorkeded's BioShock 2 (Xbox 360) review

what a BAZILLION people have been waiting for

well its here and by the time i wright this review i expect that ohhh 5 million and counting people have experianced this game thereselves and will not really need to read anymore reviews about it but i am board and I dont want to play bio shock 2, dantes inferno, mass effect 2...i am sitting here playing advanced wars 2 on a PSP thats supposed to be played on a GBA...but if you are lucky enough to read this...=^.^= i love you :P 

anyways bio shock 1 was a scary game at times i mean first of all your plane takes and shit and crashes in the ocean well how fortunate you basically crashed near the only monument in the entire atlantic ocean the entrance to rapture and city where everyone thinks in there cirty and there all useing drugs...a lot of drugs anyways you find some of these drugs and well without batting a eyelash at it you hit up and kinda pass out now you got powers and about 6 hours later you kill the "KING" of rapture and about 400 other KINGS of rapture the end i never beat bio shock 1 so yea...
Bio Shock 2 well now your a big daddy no more gitting your ass kicked by that dash at because YOUR DOING IT NOW MWHAHAHAHA and lets just say its a epic moment when you dash about half a football feild (or at least it seems like it i am totally exagerating) weighing like 4 tons and going that far in less then a second totally rapeing the splicer or almost anything you hit but yea just had to add that now onto what i think of this game welll....single player is quite awesome with your left hand you got a power ready and your right your holding a weapon so thats somewhat duel weilding which is cool so yea dont get me wrong but anyways the opening movie is somewhat epic i mean...you die oh shit spoiler oh wait everyone has played this game now or wathed the opening on youtube and if not...well now you know. but then your not dead not going to tell you how but you more then likly have a idea how your not dead and you pound threw the rest of the game fighting other big daddys countless splicers, a new left 4 dead tank like splicer and the new and most badass enemy the big sister not only is she built like a big daddy shes small agile and moved like Usain bolt on crack she can put a serious dent in your ass easly and screw you hardcore with the dash ability she has...oh you also you kidnap little sisters in this game so your like a big daddy pedo its crazy thats what i was thinking when i got my first one...tee hee... anyways after about 6 hours this game ends with a few badass suprises and a epic showdown between you and well...splicers a whole shitload of them but your not alone at this point your original little sister grew up and you get her into a big sister costume  and you and her fight side by side kicking ass...well she does when you basically summon her she takes the spotlight rapeing anything thats shooting at you and with almost no trouble. 
but after all that and a great ending based on choices you have made the ending is a little differnt but very cool but now know multiplayer it opens kinda cool you pick your character and then they open there eyes and you see a heroin...i mean plasmid injector on the ground and your guy is totally out of it but you get up get your load on and dressed then you go and kill everyone however multiplayer is kinda shitty since theres no way to keep a high lv out of the low lv people so they got the best of the best equipment making it totally unfair for you or vice versa and did i mention its laggy as hell even with a good connection its a laggy peice of shit not all of the time just at critical moments like when your going to kill them i would ushally throw a freeze at them and hit them then they would kinda teleport around like you would see in MW2 when the connection is interupted just like that and it would be hard as hell to kill them...OH and did i mention almost everyone uses the grenade launcher O.O so i give bioshock 2 a 3/5 for amazing single player and shite multiplayer


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