Let's All Watch BioShock Infinite's E3 Demo Together

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Looks alright.

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@X19 said:

The music WHA WHA WHA WHARR XD Sorry Ken can we speak outside of the club please.

Was the music actually doing that? I just remember ambient tones in the background, not wobble bass and shit.

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While I think that this demo looks pretty good it was not jawdropping for me. 
Graphics are competent but not outstanding eventhough I like the cartoonish look. 
The shooting looks like in Bioshock which also means that I don´t like the weapon sounds that much.
 KI seems a little weak but then again this is only a demo build. 
The interaction between the characters is very interesting and the best thing are those skylines and riding to a zeppeling and blow it the fuck up but I wonder how much of it is scripted i.e. if there are restrictions to the time when you can jump off of those things or if they just build the level in a way so that you can´t land in the wrong spots. 
And last but not least, was there god mode on? Because at one point he is taking a shitload of damage without dying. Looks a bit chaotic.
All in all a great demo that leaves open questions and with me not liking any of the Bioshock games (can´t really tell why, I even played the first one but stopped shortly before the ending and just had no intention to go back and finish it)  I´m not totally convinced but the potential is enormous.

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@bkbroiler said:

@X19 said:

The music WHA WHA WHA WHARR XD Sorry Ken can we speak outside of the club please.

Was the music actually doing that? I just remember ambient tones in the background, not wobble bass and shit.

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God it looks so good.

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"Uninterrupted" my ass. I watched more adds then I did Bioshock.

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Wow!!  Much better than I ever anticipated.  So, that's what the new "Big Daddy" looks like.  Seeing it in action, it definitely feels like a Bioshock game even if its story isn't directly linked to the first two games.  Also, for the record, I never felt distracted by Elizabeth's figure. 

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Ugh, wish this was just uploaded to GB instead of having to watch Keighley's stupid face.

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Fuck G4TV, I want to see the goddamn demo, not the demo intercut with interviews. I can get interviews any time I like! I don't need them here too!

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@fetchfox said:

I really need to get into the Bioshock franchise...

haven't played bioshock 2 so i dunno about that one (worth noting that a different dev team made it) but bioshock 1 is pretty fucking good.
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Ok I think I officially need to go dark on this game, I want it to be as fresh and crazy as possible whenever the hell it is I get to play it!

#62 Posted by Zinc (207 posts) -

Holy expletive!

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I can't wait for Elizabeth to open a tear to Rapture... it is bound to happen. Possible Big Daddy vs. Song Bird duel. Elizabeth comes into contact and understands the little sisters. Booker Kills Everyone... the end.

#65 Posted by natetodamax (19421 posts) -

Crap, that looked incredible. Can't wait for this to come out!

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As awesome as this looks, it sucks that you can only carry two weapons at a time.

#67 Posted by Game_Baron (129 posts) -

I was very impressed with this demo!

#68 Posted by gunstar (264 posts) -

Tears for Fears, in MY Bioshock? Well we have a winner here.

#69 Posted by RecSpec (4658 posts) -

@Lydian_Sel said:

Ok I think I officially need to go dark on this game, I want it to be as fresh and crazy as possible whenever the hell it is I get to play it!

Same here.

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@RecSpec said:

@Lydian_Sel said:

Ok I think I officially need to go dark on this game, I want it to be as fresh and crazy as possible whenever the hell it is I get to play it!

Same here.

Spoiler alert: the game is going to be a masterpiece.
#71 Posted by MachoFantastico (5585 posts) -

Holy cow that looks damn good!

#72 Posted by Dracomaster01 (137 posts) -

Eh, looks like a good game, but I just can't seem to care about it.

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I'm NOT watching this demo, on purpose. Already know what I want to know about Infinite, which is that I am going to play it. DONE. Wake me up when it's released.

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Wow. This looks amazing.

#75 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

pretty cool environments and finally some sweet saturated color in a shooter!

#76 Posted by Ghost407 (177 posts) -

Really debating on whether or not I want to watch this...

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SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONIE... That looks... almost too good. It's unbelievable how they could make something like that...

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I  could do without the shitty dubstep.  
EDIT: I can't wait! I hope that I'll be able to keep up with the action. 

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Maybe it's the extreme hype, but this was a little underwhelming.

#80 Posted by Dr_Robocop (27 posts) -

I was waiting for this. Finally got a chance to see what everyone was raving about.

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Fucking wobble bass!

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awesome stuff... I also wonder how differently other people would play that.

#83 Posted by buhssuht (457 posts) -

the combat seems crazy, not sure if i can keep up

#84 Posted by Anders_P (6 posts) -

Not sure if I like the design of the girl. Shes too over the top,  too big boobs and too narrow hips. Just my 2ç's.  

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Bioshock Infinite ... oh commercial break ... "TROJAN MANNNNNN!" .. ok?

Edit: Elizabeth's facial animation doesn't seem to hold up to the level of emotion in her voice acting. It creates a weird disconnect. This is just a demo though.

#86 Posted by bkbroiler (1664 posts) -

Alright, so, this looks cool. But I can't help but be skeptical about it. First of all, it'd be nice to know how much was actually being played and how much is some sort of interactive cutscene. Second, zipping around the levels looks fun, but will it just get annoying to be having a great cinematic moment ruined because your health is constantly being chipped away? If zooming up to that zeppelin stops being spur of the moment and reactionary, it seems like it will lose a lot.

Finally, the gunplay still looks very much like Bioshock. Which I think is a bad thing.

I mean, this game looks amazing, I will for sure buy it when it comes out. And I'm sure the development still has a long way to go. But will it actually be fun to play? Will I be having a fun experience if I don't know exactly what to do to see the game the way it was intended?

#87 Posted by avidwriter (670 posts) -

Yea weapon carrying limits..... fuck consoles.

#88 Posted by Anthony (249 posts) -

Does the girl sound like Zoeey Deschanel to anyone else?

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They should have just released the damn footage at E3. We´ve had journalists talking about this section for more than a month now. Sure it looks really good and moves surprisingly fast- but imagine seeing this demo without knowing much of anything about it.
It would blow your mind. HUGE missed opportunity. They just went for the cashgrab and accepted whatever g4 offered them. Bet the same thing is going to happen with that full 30 Minute Skyrim Demo.

#90 Posted by Loose (417 posts) -

No "shut up and take my money" image yet? I am disappoint.

#91 Posted by SpicyRichter (603 posts) -

Any way to get this in HD? Pretty blocky...

#92 Posted by Clubvodka (441 posts) -

Can someone clear something up for me? I'm confused as to who was presenting the Bishock Infinite E3 demo. G... GT something or over. 
On a serious note, game looks fucking rad.

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@altairre: The same kind of thing happened in my case. I was playing Bioshock 1 and I had a crashing issue; then my XBox red-ringed. When I got the replacement unit a few weeks later I played another hour or two of Bioshock and then just stopped playing.

Watching all these hype demos makes me think that maybe I should go through and play again while keeping in mind some of the discussions about strategy and stuff. Bioshock is still a great looking game if you consider the responsiveness of the controls and the relative frame rates.

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God dude turn down the wobble bass so the dude can talk, its fuckin rude

#95 Posted by CyleMoore (558 posts) -

Wish this was on Giantbomb first instead of gametrailers.  I don't think it was necessary to have to watch a condom commercial in between segments. 

#96 Posted by TheWyotee93 (201 posts) -

Now I truly understand. Damn i'm excited

#97 Posted by Pop (2691 posts) -

That looked as amazing as I hoped, man the story telling is so freaking good and the voice actors are also pretty good!! I can't wait to play it, oh and those lighting effects OMFG!!! 

#98 Posted by BasketSnake (1472 posts) -

Clown indians misusing rollercoaster rails!

#99 Posted by Silentsnake510 (44 posts) -

Yo Dawg, I heard you like roller coasters!

#100 Posted by Megalon (1457 posts) -

Wow, even with all the hype that still seemed damn amazing.

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