Greg Zeschuk, Ray Muzyka Are Leaving BioWare

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@Packie said:

Hey guys, Obsidian is still hiring. Just saying.

Exactly what I was gonna say.

#52 Posted by FoolishChaos (448 posts) -

Well, fuck.

I really liked DA1 :( Like, alot

#53 Posted by Deathpooky (1452 posts) -

EA. Destroying successful franchises and developers for years. Though I imagine SWTOR had something to do with Bioware's potential implosion as well.

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@Packie said:

Hey guys, Obsidian is still hiring. Just saying.

no way obsidian makes good games

#55 Posted by Diablos1125 (182 posts) -

Such bullshit man.....

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Pack up it folks, we're done here.

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Are they leaving Bioware or "Bioware"?

#58 Posted by altairre (1300 posts) -

Now I'm even more interested in how DA3 turns out.

#59 Posted by Branwulf (412 posts) -

Is anyone actually surprised by this?

#60 Posted by DoctorLazy (93 posts) -

Good job, EA.

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"In 2013 Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka went on to form PharmaSoft, a successful independent studio. Their first game under PharmaSoft brand was Dragon Effect for iOS. In 2016 PharmaSoft was sold to publisher Activison for an undisclosed sum"

...and the cycle continues.

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whoa whoa WHOA

#63 Posted by defcomm (427 posts) -

Huh wow

#64 Posted by shinboy630 (1229 posts) -

Welp, there goes any hope I had for DA3

#65 Posted by reelife (360 posts) -

Not surprised really. =/

#66 Posted by thedj93 (1237 posts) -

yeeeeeeeeah that sucks

#67 Posted by Neurotic (632 posts) -

Oh, snap! I wonder what's gonna happen now.

#68 Posted by StoffInator (150 posts) -

This really sucks.

#69 Posted by WEKS (32 posts) -

God goddammit EA, god-effing-dammit.

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Wow! That's some crazy bidniss. I really hope they open up a new studio and maybe do some smaller experimental shit. Good luck to them in whatever future they have lined up.

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How much of an impact does this really have, though? It had seemed like their influence on the studio had greatly diminished over the years. Seems more symbolic, though I could be totally wrong.

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I can't wait to Kickstart their next game!

#73 Posted by Seb (366 posts) -

r.i.p bioware

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A shame, but Bioware just haven't been the same since EA acquired them.

#75 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3114 posts) -

Honestly, I can't say that I'm all that surprised.

#76 Posted by AngelN7 (2974 posts) -

Oh Lord...

#77 Posted by Silock (237 posts) -

Heh, I guess this is a big deal yeah?

#78 Posted by Humanity (10486 posts) -

Here is hoping they fund a new studio and we get 1 cool game before they have to disband it.

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Holy crap. I don't think they can even be referred to as "Bioware" anymore, even though that name has already been stretched thin these last years. Good on them though, they were clearly being used and abused for the good part of a decade, and taking the blame for a lot of the Bioware faults these last few years have probably taken their toll (deserved or not).

I really wish some of these departing Bioware employees could legally speak about their experiences. I'd love some confirmation of what we already think EA has forced on them.

@Packie said:

Hey guys, Obsidian is still hiring. Just saying.

Ya know, that'd be pretty awesome. Project Eternity could use some outside assistance.

#80 Posted by Excast (1074 posts) -

Well, this doesn't give me much faith in the direction they are taking with Dragon Age 3.

#81 Posted by Mowgers (393 posts) -

Over/under on these men moving to work at Obsidian, or is that just me thinking it'd be funny?

#82 Posted by HellBrendy (994 posts) -

Man do I hope Valve knows when to call people.

#83 Posted by Sidfiou (76 posts) -

Now, I'm waiting for Activision to give them a development studio. Oh the irony.

#84 Posted by Creamypies (4095 posts) -

Ouch, real blow for Bioware.

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#86 Posted by avidwriter (665 posts) -

There goes any hope for DA3

#87 Posted by Asmo917 (428 posts) -

Well, if Scoops Klepeck broke the story, everyone prepare for years of legal wrangling, and someone get Patrick to Edmonton so he can camp outside of Bioware's offices...just in case?

Paul Barnett just tweeted out that they're retiring. I assume it's actually a "retirement."

#88 Posted by Baltimore (283 posts) -


Sucks. But I can't say we didn't see it coming.

#89 Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish (1733 posts) -

Criterion next.  

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Thanks EA!

Wow, one of them is quitting to make an online show about brewing beer. Real high brow stuff!

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Rip Bioware :'(

#92 Posted by ChosenOne (211 posts) -
It's a rare condition, this day and age,

to read any good news on the GB frontpage.

Love and tradition of the grand design,

some people say it's even harder to find...
#93 Posted by Phatmac (5731 posts) -

They're retiring from the games industry... wow..

#94 Posted by clumsyninja1 (816 posts) -

Took them long enough...

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#96 Posted by RE_Player1 (7530 posts) -

Looks like Bioware is done.

#97 Posted by Sean2206 (258 posts) -

Well that seemed kind of inevitable hope they can form a new/join a current good rpg studio like obsidian.

#98 Posted by chogi (558 posts) -

This probably happened.

#99 Posted by spiceninja (3075 posts) -

EA really needs to get their shit together. Jesus.

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@MattBodega said:

Well....I guess that's the end, then.

The end of days has begun for the world of videogames

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