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"Marks, tricks, playas, and pimps. Holla if you hear me!"


The Black Baron is the host of the Deathwatch games in MadWorld. His appearance and mannerisms are stereotypical of a pimp, with an added predilection for violence. One of his main jobs besides flaunting his ego at every turn is introducing and demonstrating the many Bloodbath Challenge mini-games with the help of his prostitute, Mathilda. All of these demonstrations end with her killing the Black Baron in some horrible (or amusing) way only for him to reappear for the next challenge.

The announcers that commentate on the action suggest the Black Baron is actually a white man in black face, though this is not borne out by the Baron's depictions elsewhere.

Fighting Style

In addition to hosting, the Black Baron is also the final boss in the game as Rank No.1 of the Deathwatch games. After a flashy intro, he goes toe to toe with Jack in the championship fight. Instead of weapons or gimmicks, the Black Baron relies entirely on his own two fists. His style is closer to a boxer but he also does flying kicks when the time is right. Power struggles involve Jack and Black Baron trading cross counters until one of them can pull off an overhead smash. Defeating him will end the fight with a final game of Man Darts using the Black Baron as the dart.

Anarchy Reigns

Concept Art

The Black Baron also appears in Anarchy Reigns as a playable character. He still has a preference for fisticuffs and uses a pair of gloves that set things on fire. One of his moves is called "Super Sexy Fists of Fire".

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