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Black Hole Infantry Attack
Black Hole is a villainous military force from the Advance Wars series. Who they really are and where they come from is shrouded in mystery. The only real details are gathered from their otherworldly leader, Sturm. Since he is described as an alien in his dossier, Black Hole is rumored to be from another planet. They're ruthless and invasive. All of their territory is land stolen from the other nations Orange Star, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet, and Green Earth.

Armed Forces

A Soldier Reports In
In Advance Wars 2, the Black Hole Army received a unique look as Sturm changed his invasion plans from behind-the-scenes manipulation to a direct confrontation with the four nations. Infantry and Mechanized units wear space suits with distinct, round helmets. Close ups in dialogue boxes show a distorted face behind a visor, making it difficult to tell if Black Hole troops are aliens or humans wearing gas masks under their suit.

Tanks, planes, and ships in the Black Hole Army appear to be unmanned. Unlike every other army in the game, there are no soldiers acting as gunners for tanks or recon vehicles. Planes and helicopters have no cockpit. Artillery and Rocket units have no spotters standing nearby. Ships do not have hatches or any clear form of entry.

But like many things about Black Hole, how they operate their vehicles is never expanded on.


Sturm Loves Invasions
For the first two Advance Wars games, Sturm acts as the supreme commander for the Black Hole Army. His first attempt at invasion involved a plot using clones of Andy to attack other countries and start a world war. In the chaos he would move in at the right time and steamroll the four nations when they were weak. But his plan was discovered and his sizable forces were defeated when the four nations joined together against him.

When things got too inefficient to command alone he drafted Flak, Lash, Adder, and Hawke for a second invasion that was much more traditional. Assisting his plans was a massive pipeline system that funneled resources and various forces to fuel his war machine. Again he was beaten back by the combined forces of the four nations. But this time Hawke betrayed Sturm and killed him. He took command of the Black Hole Army and retreated.

After the events in the second Advance Wars Von Bolt took command of Black Hole through unknown means, displacing Hawke below his own special branch of known as the Bolt Guard. This branch consisted of commanders Jugger, Koal, and Kindle who also acted as personal guards to the new commander in chief.


After the events of Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Black Hole is no more following a complete collapse of their army and command structure.

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